Welcome to Year 7

Head of Year
Mrs M Evans mevans@newarkacademy.co.uk

Pastoral Lead KS3 & Transition
Mrs L Ness lness@newarkacademy.co.uk

Mrs M Evans (Head of Year 7 and Transition Leader) manages a team of Tutors and works closely with Pastoral Lead for Key Stage 3 Mrs L Ness to ensure that the Year 7 students receive outstanding pastoral care, maintaining communication between the student and their parents. The Tutor team meet the students each morning and ensure they are ready to learn and prepare them for the day of learning ahead.

The ethos of this phase is setting a strong foundation of learning, where students begin their learning journey before they move onto Year 8 when during that academic year the students will choose their GCSE option subjects.

Tutor Sets and Tutors 2018/2019

  • 7 GWI Nurture – Mrs G Willis
  • 7 HCO - Miss H Cooper
  • 7 JHU - Mr J Huggard
  • 7 JWO - Mr J Woolley
  • 7 LMO - Miss L Morris
  • 7 RPA - Mrs R Parkinson
  • 7 TNA - Miss T Napier