Student Parliament

At Newark Academy, we believe students should be given the opportunity to be actively involved in developing whole school improvement through our Student Parliament.

Our school provides GREAT opportunities for all students to access a leadership program where they can develop and grow their abilities to mentor and voice their opinions and ideas in a constructive and meaningful way. We believe student voice is crucial in maintaining high expectations and a school environment where everyone can flourish and thrive to be the best versions of themselves.

Through the Student Parliament, Student Ambassadors gain valuable skills through meaningful experiences that will empower them to take Responsibility and have a powerful impact on the community that they serve. We have high aspirations for our student leaders and believe that we inspire them to play a key role within both the school community and the wider community.

Aims of our Student Leadership:

To lead with kindness and be an excellent Crew member that consistently demonstrates our GREAT values

To empower students to work in partnership with staff and have shared goals

To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring, challenging and valued projects which impact positively on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff across our Academy

To prepare students for life beyond the Academy in Higher Education or Work and to support them in achieving their personal Aspirations and demonstrate professional Excellence in their life after Newark Academy

Student Parliament Structure

Our Lead Ambassadors in Sixth Form lead and are supported by individual Year Group Ambassadors and in turn our Year Group Ambassadors lead and are supported by Crew Representatives and Sports Representatives from across the year groups.

July 2024


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