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Computing has the power to change the way we live our lives.  Everything around us relies on computers in some way and students at Newark Academy have the ideal platform to begin their technological journey.  Our goal is to ensure students leave Newark Academy as responsible, thoughtful and efficient users of computers, whilst also gaining an understanding of how they really work to improve the world around us.

At Key Stage 3, we aim to cover elements of ICT, digital literacy as well as an introduction to Computing in 1 period each week. In Year 7, we aim to develop students’ ICT confidence, covering: Using Computers, Spreadsheet Modelling, Control, e-Safety, Graphics design and Video Editing. In Year 8 we further advance students’ knowledge of computers by focusing on Hardware, Binary, Programming, Game Development, Web Design and Databases.

In Year 9 students have the opportunity of selecting either Computing or Creative iMedia as their key stage 4 course. Computing enables students to really start to think about how different parts of computer hardware work, whilst also giving students the perfect platform of developing their software development skills through computer programming.  Creative iMedia is media sector-focused, including film, television, web development, gaming and animation. This course will provide students with knowledge in key areas in this field from pre-production skills to digital photography and have a motivating, hands-on approach to learning.

Students have the opportunity to continue studying ICT in Sixth Form through the popular Cambridge Technicals course.  This allows students to analyse and demonstrate how computers can be used to increase the efficiency of how real-world businesses operate.

Students are always welcome to use ICT equipment outside of lessons to conduct individual study or get involved in various activities that take place from time to time.

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