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The Design and Technology offers a unique environment in which students of all abilities are supported, nurtured and encouraged to meet their full potential in the schools creative and practical subjects; Engineering, CADCAM, Construction & Cooking and Nutrition/Catering.

In years 7 & 8 our Design and Technology curriculum builds confidence whilst making practical products in specialised learning environments and developing the students specialised knowledge in each of the department’s subject areas.

Each subject area has tailored exciting and challenging projects that encourage all students of different abilities and skill levels to become assured and well equipped self-learners. Students develop skill, understanding, knowledge and safe practices working with specialised tools and equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

The Ks3 curriculum within the department has been designed to tailor learning for specific individual’s needs and their enjoyment of specialised subject areas. The Design and Technology department encourages students to consider their own unique pathway into KS4 and offer a choice of three specific learning areas:

  • WJEC Level 2 Construction
  • Cambridge National: Engineering Design
  • WJEC Level 2 Hospitality & Catering

The Design and Technology department are extremely proud of the broad and diverse academic courses it offers all KS4 students.

The departments mix of GCSE’s, Cambridge Nationals and WJEC Vocational Subjects is designed to encourage all students to be independent critical thinkers and designers. The courses allow students to develop an understanding for materials, designing, techniques and industrial practices for each specific subject area. This will lead them to be able to design and make their very own unique products and construction activities.

The creative professional sector in Great Britain is one of the largest globally and continues to grow at an astonishing rate. All subjects have been selected to allow students success and progress and gain access to courses at some of the top universities in the country.

The Design and Technology believe strongly that ‘extra-curricular’ activities are an intrinsic and valued part of what we do educationally. We are committed to providing a first class education and our extended day allows us to offer exciting opportunities to our students in the morning, lunchtimes and after school.

The Design and Technology will be running both breakfast and after school support sessions for all KS4 students whilst continuing to intervention & support session after school and during school holidays.

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