Curriculum Intent

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”

— Oscar Wilde

Drama allows students to express themselves and develop both socially and personally. At Newark Academy, we aim to dispel the myth that drama is just for those who wish to act. Through our carefully scaffolded curriculum, we develop student’s confidence; whether that be through team building during rehearsals, encouragement of performance, or providing verbal feedback to their peers. Students are expected to take responsibility when working together to take on board feedback as well as provide constructive criticism to their peers which ensures practical progress. We encourage students to develop their communication skills when working together and providing feedback to each other, using subject-specific vocabulary taught within lessons.

Drama gives students the opportunity to create, perform and respond to different styles of theatre whilst expressing themselves and articulating their viewpoint on particular topics or issues within society. The intention here is to inspire Newark Academy students to experiment and apply creativity which will increase their confidence so they become well-rounded and compassionate individuals, enabling them with the skills to lead successful lives.

The drama curriculum is designed to reflect student’s entitlement for drama in the national curriculum, as well as to enable students to secure highly ambitious knowledge, working backwards from A level and GCSE criteria. Students will be introduced to a variety of drama practitioners and theatre styles from the early stages of KS3, as well as improvising, devising and scripting their own drama. Students learning journey is carefully sequenced to ensure the intellectual nature and academic criteria of the subject is not reserved solely for exam classes.

We are passionate to provide our students with a deeper understanding of the global and local political landscape, cultural heritage and traditions, addressing misconceptions and challenging stereotypical views through the exploration of drama. We embed real life stories and socio-political issues within students learning journey, allowing students to build connections between drama and other subjects such as English, History, and Personal Development to name a few.

June 2024


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