Accelerated Reader

Newark Academy has introduced Accelerated Reader for years 7 and 8. Accelerated Reader gives teachers the information they need to monitor students’ reading practice and make informed decisions to guide their future learning.

STAR reading tests will take place in September, December, April and July to assess students’ reading ages and progress. This regular monitoring of reading ages allows earlier intervention and sets accurate targets to allow teachers to assist the development of key reading skills.

As a parent you will receive a comprehensive set of reports that reveals how much your child has been reading, at what level of complexity, and how well they have understood what they have read. Vocabulary growth and literacy skills are also measured, giving teachers insight into how well students have responded to reading schemes and class instruction.

Research proves that students who use Accelerated Reader are more likely to:

  • enjoy reading
  • have a favourite book
  • agree that reading is ‘cool’
  • read regularly at least once a week outside class
  • agree that they will get a better job when they grow up if they are good at reading
  • engage in independent reading

Students in years 7 and 8 are therefore required to bring a reading book with them to every lesson.

To access Accelerated Reader at home students should follow the link below and enter their user name and password. This will allow them to complete quizzes and as parents you can see other books that they have read and quizzed on previously.

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