More Able, Gifted and Talented

The term Higher Attaining Pupils can be used to describe students who entered the academy with a high level of attainments and whom we, at Newark Academy, consider to be working above their expected level and will exceed targets. It can be used in relation to academic, creative or practical subjects and heads of department, alongside their teaching staff, will have specific subject criteria which enables them to identify HAPs students in their subject areas.

At Newark Academy we want every student to achieve to the best of their ability and we give students every opportunity through a wide range of lesson activities to engage, enjoy and learn from every lesson. We also offer a range of after school enrichment opportunities and all staff are keen to support students by providing additional learning challenges whenever possible. We provide a culture where students can believe in themselves and can consider how achievement in school will impact upon their future life chances. We believe in a personalised approach which will also include parents and possible external organisations to provide the best possible provision. We will always take into account the ‘voice’ of the student and will consider their level of maturity, personal development needs and well-being.

Our HAPs students should represent the highest achievers at Newark Academy and by identifying and targeting them we will continue to raise their aspirations for the future.

All staff at Newark Academy aim to:

  • Increase student motivation and aspiration to enable them to achieve beyond their expectations
  • Track, monitor and challenge progress
  • Increase the number of students achieving the highest grades in all subject areas
  • Raise awareness of and guide students towards higher and further education in their chosen field of study
  • Support them to identify available opportunities both beyond the classroom and in terms of career paths
  • Provide them with quality resources and activities to support additional challenge throughout their life at the school
  • Increase the numbers of students who continue in education at higher and further level

Our classroom strategies for challenging all students, particularly the HAPs include:

  • Rich questioning techniques to elicit higher level responses
  • Higher order and abstract thinking skills
  • Problem solving and enquiry
  • Development of language skills, particularly with advanced subject specific vocabulary
  • Development of meta-cognition techniques
  • Support for transference of skills across curriculum areas
  • Curriculum enrichment and leadership opportunities

Parents can support this process by encouraging:

  • completion of homework and extension tasks at home
  • wider reading from a range of more varied texts – please contact the English department for advice
  • students to develop a wide range of interests outside of their school life
  • visits to higher and further education venues with students

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s form tutor or class teacher for more information.



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