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Here at Newark Academy we teach a wide variety of languages and linguistic skills. As a department we are passionate about our subjects because we firmly believe that learning a foreign language is extremely rewarding and improves the quality of life. It also enables students to improve their literacy, problem solving skills as well as working in a team and independently. In a multilingual, global society, even a little bit of language goes a long way.

All students begin by studying German in Year 7 and 8. Our students will learn to read, write, speak and listen in German covering a number of authentic topics including personality, school, hobbies and interests, home town, food, holidays and the media.

As well as learning the language, students will learn about different German speaking countries and cultures, which will prepare them well for an increasingly globalised world and workforce. Students will be well equipped at the end of Year 8 to embark on the Edexcel GCSE German course which will study these topics in more depth and cover a wider range of grammar, with a focus on translation, literary texts and using a range of different tenses. 

In Year 9 students have the option of either continuing with German or transferring their language skills to learning Spanish or French. This enables students to study the culture of 3 major European countries and develop their linguistic abilities to provide invaluable tools for the world of work, social activity or travel.

We cannot predict which topics will feature in the exams at the end of Year 11, therefore it is crucial that all students spend time every week learning vocabulary, preferably most days for a short period of time, in order to build confidence and a wide breadth of knowledge of the languages. 

We will be following the Edexcel Languages GCSE courses. There are two tiers of entry for the final exams: foundation, which covers grades 1-5 and higher, which covers grade 4-9.
At the end of the course, pupils will sit 3 exam papers: reading (25%), writing (25%) and listening (25%). There will also be a 7-12 minute (depending on tier) speaking assessment (25%).

In the Spring Term we are hoping to offer a variety of languages (Japanese, Mandarin and Swedish) spoken by the MFL team during NA+.

In October this year we are running a trip to Berlin, and we are working with our twinning partners ‘Goethe Gymnasium’ in Emmendingen to develop links, arrange cross curricular activities and an exchange programme.

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