Curriculum Intent

“Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

— Albert Einstein

The beauty of maths is evident all around us. It is the universal language of life and through our curriculum we will develop students’ curiosity, imagination and ultimately their understanding that a deep knowledge of maths means that anything is possible. Maths is so much more than a series of questions, restricted to a right or wrong answer. Rather, it provides meaningful opportunities for deeper thinking, the critical evaluation of information, and allows us to engage fully with an ever-changing world. Maths underpins the rapid, technological progress that can be seen from the smart phone in our pockets to the latest medical advancements; the study of maths has simply never been more important. Our curriculum aims to dispel the myth that maths is an innate gift and not something that can be harnessed and developed. We will develop resilient mathematicians who possess the skills and confidence to make a positive contribution to the communities they are members of. They will go on to thrive in whatever field of education or employment they choose.

Our maths curriculum has been designed to incorporate the five key strands of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 and 4: number, alegbra, geometry, ratio and statistics. These strands then narrow to pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics as students progress to Key Stage 5. Through skilful sequencing, each strand interleaves over time, and this approach to curriculum design is critical in supporting our learners develop into well-rounded mathematicians with the confidence and ability to utilise and apply their powerful knowledge to a range of practical applications. Our expert teaching staff continually engage with the latest educational research to ensure our students are best supported in their study of maths. We deliver precise and succinct explanations when introducing new concepts, thereby limiting future misconceptions and enabling students to constantly progress. We make no apologies for exposing students to high-level ambitious mathematical concepts from the very start of their journey with us. They embrace this intellectual challenge and push themselves to constantly improve.

Our maths curriculum is therefore designed to:

  • Build on the primary curriculum; we continually liaise with our primaries to ensure our KS3 curriculum extends on content from KS2 ensuring students are continually progressing.
  • Build mathematical fluency for students; we ensure our students are financially literate by linking units involving percentages to the dangers of high interest loans for example.
  • Develop logical thinkers. The ability to step away from situation and ask the question “does that make sense” is a key life skill and one that is harnessed in our curriculum.
  • Provide the skills required to solve problems; regular exposure to problems will enable students to approach problems in a calm and logical manner improving their chances of a successful outcome.
  • Build intricate connections across mathematical content and that of other qualifications and subjects.
  • Develop an appreciation and love of learning that extends beyond students life at school into adulthood.
  • To develop the skills to question and analyse the world around us, to not be misled by deceptive charts, diagrams and surveys.
  • Promote high levels of oracy and literacy by encouraging students to think, speak and reason like a mathematician.
  • Expose students to potential careers options. From an animator to stockbroker, there are a multitude of careers highly dependent on mathematical proficiency.
  • Embody the GREAT values of the school, building appreciative learners who are willing to take risks without fear of failure.

In the Newark Academy Maths department, we are committed to teaching students the right Maths at the right time, by the right member of staff.

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