Uniform and Equipment

Dress Code

To see our Uniform Policy and Expectations please follow the link.

All students are ambassadors for Newark Academy at all times. Full correct uniform is an expectation, demonstrating pride and high standards. To avoid confusion all uniform and equipment should be labelled. The following is guidance on uniform for students in Years 7–11.

Blazer: Newark Academy blazer purchased through Academy School Uniforms only. Sleeves are not permitted to be rolled up and blazers must be worn at all times in the school building unless express permission is given.

Tie: Newark Academy tie purchased through Academy School Uniforms only.

Shirt: plain white shirt. Dress Code regarding shirts:

  • Formal style, plain white with a stiffened collar
  • Shirts should be smart and clean. Frayed or damaged shirts should be replaced
  • They should be tucked into the waistband at all times. Shirts must be long enough to allow this to be done
  • Fitted blouses are strictly not allowed
  • Coloured T-shirts should not be worn beneath the shirt
  • Short or long sleeves are permitted

Skirts: Newark Academy School Skirt is mandatory for all year groups (girls may choose smart black trousers if preferred)

Dress Code regarding skirts:

  • Skirts: Newark Academy School Skirt is mandatory for all year groups (girls may choose smart black trousers if preferred)
  • Skirts should be worn at the waist and with appropriate regard to a formal appearance. Hems should be no more than 5cm above the knee
  • Fashion belts are not allowed.
  • Black tights must be worn with skirts (socks not permitted with skirts)

Trousers: black trousers. Dress Code regarding trousers:

  • For all students, trousers must be of a formal cut
  • Trousers should be full-length. Excessively flared or narrow/tight-fitting trousers are not allowed
  • Trousers should be worn at the waist and with appropriate regard to a formal appearance
  • ‘Fashion’ belts are not allowed. Belts should be black, plain and narrow with a discreet buckle, and only to be worn with trousers that have belt loops

V-Neck Jumpers. Newark Academy V-Neck jumpers available from Academy School Uniforms. Dress Code regarding V-Neck Jumpers:

  • Academy V-Neck jumpers are optional additional wear. They are not to be worn instead of the academy blazer
  • Jumpers should be smart and clean. Frayed or damaged jumpers should be replaced
  • Jumpers must not be rolled up, exposing the midriff

Shoes: black shoes. Dress Code regarding shoes:

  • Formal style, plain black shoes
  • Stiletto/high heels are not allowed
  • Canvas material boots/plimsolls are not allowed
  • Footwear other than shoes is not allowed around the academy. Alternative footwear for medical reasons must be discussed with the tutor who, if in agreement, will provide a note to that effect
  • During break time, trainers can be worn only on the MUGA courts or field for sporting recreation. They should not be worn around the main concourse of the academy at any time
  • No logos or sports motifs are allowed
  • If non-regulation shoes are worn to school, a suitable pair of footwear will be issued on loan
  • Only black or grey socks are to be worn

If you feel you need financial assistance with purchasing uniform or school equipment please contact the school and ask to speak to our Pastoral Team.

Hair/Make up. Styled appropriately to a formal environment except for religious, cultural or medical reasons. In such cases, this must be agreed on an individual basis between the parents and school. Dress Code regarding hair and make-up:

  • Hair not excessively gelled or braided
  • Any hair colouring must be within a natural colour range
  • No shaved wording or patterns on the scalp
  • In all cases, the school has the right to exercise its discretion about appropriateness of hairstyles and colouring
  • Make-up must be discreet
  • Lipstick and painted fingernails are not allowed. Only Clear polish will be permitted and no artificial nails.
  • False eyelashes are not permitted
  • Tattoos are not allowed
  • Jewellery - facial jewellery is not allowed. The following are the only accepted items of jewellery: wrist watches and one stud earring in each ear

Sportswear: Newark Academy sports tops are available from Academy School Uniforms. Sports clothing Dress Code:

  • Plain black shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings are permitted but branding must be discreet
  • Non marking trainers are required for indoor use
  • Not essential however we would suggest for outdoor sports, trainers/football boots (no blades)
  • No jewellery to be worn when participating in sports

The Exchange

We are delighted to announce we now offer a service to support our local community where pre-loved, good condition items of Newark Academy uniform can be donated, exchanged and acquired free-of-charge, by both existing students and students new to Newark Academy via ‘The Exchange’.

Request items from The Exchange*

*Subject to stock availability

Equipment List

At Newark Academy we use different coloured pens across subjects for peer/self-assessment and our ‘Reflect and Review’ activities. These are an important and regular part of your learning.

To further support your learning in lessons, you will be expected each day to have a rucksack of your choice and a reading book (library books available). If a reading book goes missing, you will be expected to purchase another or pay a bill towards the school’s property.

Below is a list of items that we will provide for you and a list of essential equipment that needs to be purchased and brought with you in September, as well as suggested additional items. This should make your school shopping trip a much easier task.

Equipment provided

  • Newark Academy PE draw string bag
  • Mini whiteboard and whiteboard pen
  • Pink and purple pen

Equipment to purchase

A rucksack

A filled pencil case with the following equipment:

  • Two black or blue pens
  • Two pencils
  • 15cm or 30cm ruler
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener

Useful additional items

  • Coloured crayons
  • Highlighters
  • Small glue stick
  • Lock for locker (number coded rather than key)
  • Scientific calculator

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