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Welcome to Child Development

Welcome to the Child Development home page at Newark Academy.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and engage our students to develop a range of skills relating to the care of children in both a personal and professional capacity and regardless of their prior experiences with children. The course seeks to prepare students for GCSE’s and subsequently, further education, higher education or work within the sector.

Child Development begins in year 9 following option choices in year 8. The teaching at key stage 4 aims to foster an interest in the development of the child. Through coursework based units, students are introduced to key aspects of child development such as the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of children aged 0-5 and types of play. Students are then provided with opportunities to use this knowledge to develop age appropriate activities for children that encompass all areas of development before developing skills of reflective practice and applying these to their work. Increasing awareness of the development of children aged 0-5 years then enables students to progress to research equipment needs of babies and young children, their nutritional requirements, surmising in a practical element of planning and implementing meal plans for children at different ages. The final component of the course is an exam based unit that encompasses knowledge already secured throughout the course, as well as gaining an understanding of pre-conception, antenatal and post-natal care for the mother and unborn baby. Students develop an appreciation of the importance of creating the best conditions for a child to thrive.

Assessment of the child development course is split into 3 parts:

RO18 – Health and wellbeing for child development (exam: 40% of final grade)

RO19 – Equipment and nutritional needs for babies and children aged 0-5 years (coursework: 30% of final grade)

RO20 – The development of a child aged 0-5 years (coursework: 30% of final grade)

Alongside a wealth of knowledge and understanding of a variety of aspects of child development, students will also develop various transferable skills such as effective communication, resilience, problem solving and independent research.

Students then have the opportunity to study Health and Social Care in Sixth Form through the popular Cambridge Technicals course. This allows students to demonstrate and develop their current knowledge of children, as well as expanding their learning to consider the entire lifespan.

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