Curriculum Intent

“It is through others that we develop into ourselves.”

— Lev Vygotsky

Child Development at Newark Academy aims to encourage students to develop their understanding of fundamental aspects of childhood growth and development. Our students will begin a journey that could culminate in them becoming skilled childcare practitioners equipped in delivering high quality care to babies and young children aged 0–5 years. This subject is relevant not only for students wishing to work with children in the future, but for all students as they progress into adulthood, embark on personal relationships and consider having children of their own. Our intention is for students to become caring, respectful and creative individuals who have a deep understanding of the needs of young children.

Care has been taken to develop a varied and enriched curriculum which introduces both theory and practical elements of child development. Students will participate in a range of units that will broaden their understanding of the sector and develop awareness of the individual needs of younger children. They will develop a depth of knowledge on how the reproductive system works, factors influencing growth and development from the embryonic state to a child aged five years and the importance of play.

Work placement opportunities within the sector provide invaluable opportunities to cement learning and model behaviour from effective childcare practitioners. All students are encouraged to challenge practice that they view as inappropriate within the sector and to make links between theory, legislation and practice. Keeping up to date with changes in the law, issues surrounding the sector and high profile cases where care has not been delivered at the correct standard will contribute to the cultural capital of our students as they become reflective practitioners.

Students will recognise our school’s values of GREAT within Child Development, for example, the responsibility taken to improve the safeguarding of children through more stringent reporting of suspected abuse and improved multi agency working, the excellence of theorists such as Piaget, Vygotsky and Steiner in this field in presenting key theoretical knowledge that has shaped the way we educate young children, and the tenacity of childcare practitioners in improving the quality of care for young children.

Students will remain engaged, challenged and inspired throughout their course. They will leave Child Development at Newark Academy fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be a diligent, resilient and compassionate practitioners, ready to embark on further study, or a successful career within the childcare sector.

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