At Newark Academy we pride ourselves on the quality of support, care and guidance given to individual students.

At the core of this provision is a year system led by an Achievement Leader and Pastoral Leader.

Our pastoral system provides your child with the care they need whilst allowing them to nurture friendships and develop a strong sense of community.

As your child progresses through Newark Academy, their attainment and well-being will be closely monitored, ensuring that students are recognised and rewarded when they succeed and supported when things are more challenging.

Students will be looked after by their Crew Leader who is the first point of contact. Teachers get to know your children very well, encouraging them to be the best they can be and will offer the highest levels of pastoral care to ensure they are safe, healthy and happy.

We place great value on the importance of parental partnerships which are vitally important in preparing our students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. Communication is very important and you will receive regular updates about your child’s progress through termly reports, online data and Achievement Evenings.

Newark Academy is a very caring community where students are valued for who they are not just what they can do. The health, happiness and well-being of students underpins our overall ethos and philosophy of ‘Work hard, be kind’.

Our GREAT values

We take the time to show thankfulness and appreciation to those who help us along our way. We have social and emotional intelligence and show kindness to others on our journey to both academic and personal success.

We hold ourselves to account in how we act and treat others, living self-control. We honour our commitments to ourselves, our families and our community. We earn our success through our understanding of our responsibilities.

We hold ourselves to high standards and celebrate with zest, the achievements of ourselves and others whether they be team mates, family or members of our community. We are continually reflective and constantly strive to grow as learners and as members of our local and global communities and set new and challenging goals that enable us to always aim high.

We set aspirational goals for ourselves and are relentless in our efforts to realise our dreams. We embrace our opportunities and work hard to achieve our aims and goals so that we can live choice filled lives and contribute positively to society.

We do not allow obstacles or barriers to block our path to success. We show resilience, grit and determination to face challenges positively. Where there is a problem, we find a solution. We will show an unrelenting commitment to realising our dreams by never giving up and always seeking a way to achieve success.