Absences - A Guide for Parents

What do I do if....

...I know in advance that my child will be away from school, for example for a dental or doctors appointment?

Please let us know in advance through a note in your child's Student Planner.

...I wish to take my child away on holiday during term time?

The school tries to discourage students from taking any holidays during term time. Parents receive written reminders in September and January. In the event of a request for holiday leave, a form can be completed and given to the students tutor. This has to be ratified by the Headteacher, who has sole discretion in the matter.

...My son/daughter is away from school and no prior notice has been given?

Please telephone the office (01636 615000, press option 1) during the morning to confirm the absence. If no call has been received by 9.15 am, school will contact home during the first days absence.

Please help us to minimise this administrative work by explaining absence on the first morning of the first day, or if you know of a future absence then please advise your child's tutor either by a letter or a note in the Student Planner.

Important Forms for Parents/Carers

Parents can help ensure that the school has accurate contact details by informing the school if there are any changes to phone numbers etc. during the year. Please complete a Contact Information Sheet and return to the school office.

Educational Visit Documentation

Please complete form EV4 for us to use each time your child goes on a visit organised by the school. If any of the information changes please let school know immediately so that we may update our records.

Leave of Absence

The Leave of Absence Form replaces what was once called a Holiday Form. If you wish to apply for your child to be absent from school during term time then this is the form you need to complete and hand in to school.

For more information about leave of absence please refer to the school's Leave of Absence Request Policy.



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