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Welcome to History

We hope that through the study of History, skills will be developed which will help students to understand the past and be better prepared for the future. The study of History allows our students to develop key skills, such as debating, research and empathy.  A quote which is at the heart of our department is ‘Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it’ (George Santayana.)  All members of the department are passionate historians who aim for all students to achieve their very best. We endeavour to make our lessons interesting and exciting, igniting interest in our students. We insist on high standards of behaviour and work.  The department seek to foster mutual respect amongst individuals, teachers and students. 

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 students study a broad curriculum which develop key historical skills and build historical knowledge.

In year 7 students study the following: 

  • Shiver me Timbers - this unit introduces students to key sills through the study of pirates
  • Castles and control
  • Life and Death in the Middle Ages
  • Terrible Tudors

In year 8 students focus on the 20th Century and the rapid changes that formed the world we live in today.  Students will study:

  • Tragic Titanic
  • Dangerous world 
  • Home sweet home


In Key Stage 4 students (starting their GCSE studies in September 2016) will study AQA History A for the new GCSE from 2018.  This is a new course which offers:

  • Engaging and relevant content
  • A broad, comparable and coherent student experience.
  • inspiring interest in History
  • An overview of a wide diversity of human experience

We are very excited about the new course and hope that you are to.
Exam board website:

Course structure

  • Paper 1: Understanding the Modern World- 1 hour 45 minutes - worth 50%
  • Paper 2: Shaping the Nation- 1 hour 45 minutes - worth 50%
  • 10% for SPAST (Spelling, grammar and use of specialist terms)

Students will study the following topics:

  • Norman England, c1066–c1100
  • Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day
  • Conflict and tension, 1918–1939
  • Germany, 1890–1945: Democracy and dictatorship 

Current year 11 will complete OCR GCSE History A Specification (A951/ A952) and our exam topics are Medicine Through Time and Nazi Germany 1918-45. 

A Level

In 6th form we currently study EDEXCEL, this offers a separate AS and then a Linear A2 qualification where pupils are assessed on their learning of a topic over 2 years.  We study the following units:

  • Paper 1, Option 1H: Britain transformed, 1918–97
  • Paper 2, Option 2H.1: The USA, c1920–55: boom, bust and recovery
  • Paper 3, Option 35.2: The British experience of warfare, c1790–1918
  • Coursework.  We are currently focusing on the Suffrage question and whether militancy aided or hinder the suffrage movement.

History is a highly respected academic qualification. It is respected by universities and goes well with any combination of subjects for any professional career. University admissions tutors know that if you have done history you have completed a challenging, rigorous and very independent qualification.  It encourages you to study independently which is a valuable skill to have in the modern world.

We encourage students to visit places of historical interest.  We are particularly fortunate in Newark that we are surrounded by a rich and diverse History, for example, The National Civil War centre, Newark aviation museum and The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham to name a few. 

We visit the Galleries of Justice as part of our GCSE course.  We are planning to visit the National Arboretum in the next few months and we are currently looking at providing a Battlefields tour.
We have a History club which will run on a Wednesday lunchtime, the focus of the club will be determined by its members at the first meeting.

Mrs Bailey-Cole is available from 7.45 on a Monday and Tuesday morning if students have any questions or require any help with their History studies.

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