Curriculum Intent

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

— Marcus Garvey

“Why study History? It happened in the past, so what is the relevance of it now?”

These questions have become a frequent challenge in History classrooms. However, this myth needs to be dispelled – History sits at the heart of any school curriculum and is a subject that can unlock the door to any other.

As an academic subject, History is rich in knowledge and our curriculum provides students with an understanding of the complexities of people’s lives as well as the process of change throughout time. History is imperative in order for students to gain an appreciation for the society in which they live, and also develop knowledge about the diversity between different societies and relationships between different groups.

We want students to grow and develop a broad ranging understanding and appreciation of the world around them and develop their unique character through their own identities. This will be supported through our own values driven curriculum allowing them to become ‘great historians’ whilst in the process. In doing so, Newark Academy historians master their subject, can apply what they know to make intelligent and positive contributions to the local and global community.

To achieve this, we aim to provide an ambitious curriculum that is purposely designed with an opportunity to develop a deep and rich knowledge of our past as well as a clear appreciation of how past events have impacted the wider world we live in today. Students access their curriculum through inquiry, investigation and imagination. Topics are carefully sequenced into open enquiry questions to allow students to take ownership of their learning, creating and justifying their own viewpoints, whilst being guided and challenged by subject experts. We provide our students with a grand narrative, but balance this with meaningful opportunities to explore individual and local stories in context and depth. Students will study historical periods ranging from Ancient times to modern day terrorism which enables them to view the past from different standpoints, make comparisons and connections over time, essential for mastery. Through a skilfully sequenced learning journey, they will develop understanding of key concepts and inspiration to take their learning beyond the classroom, so that history influences and informs their developments as individuals and scholars.

The History curriculum:

  • Is designed to help students to develop an appreciation for their origins and to learn about their roots to create their identities as human beings
  • Aims to allow students to access the human experience through exposing them to stories that require compassion and empathy
  • Aims to do justice to history by representing the richness and diversity of the past
  • Will develop a deep and rich knowledge of the past as well as a clear appreciation for how past events have impacted on the modern world
  • Will encourage historical studies in depth and breadth on a local, national and international scale
  • Will be taught through historical enquiries that are planned through carefully sequenced learning journeys
  • Will encourage learning outside of the classroom, through educational visits, extra-curricular activities and also developing a love of history
  • Is designed to help students to develop their knowledge and understanding of disciplinary historical concepts such as evidence, interpretations, significance, and cause and consequence to enable them to become masters of the subject
  • Will also allow pupils to view the past from different standpoints and make comparisons and connections over time to enable them to become masters of the subject
  • Is planned to help students develop their knowledge and understanding of substantive historical concepts such as democracy, revolution and persecution

Other useful information

We encourage students to visit places of historical interest. We are particularly fortunate in Newark that we are surrounded by a rich and diverse History, for example, The National Civil War centre, the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Laxton and The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham to suggest a few. As part of our History curriculum, we believe extra-curricular experiences, are fundamental in bringing History alive and deepening a student’s knowledge and understanding of events.

We run a History film club, where students have the opportunity to watch films with historical relevance. This takes place every week with Miss Bushell. We also encourage students to develop their own independence and enjoyment in their history studies through our ‘Hungry for more History’ suggestions, including book, podcast and documentary suggestions. Look out for our ‘History personality of the week’ where students can read up on people from History. We also reward students through our ‘Historian Half Term Heroes’, where we recognise those students who have gone above and beyond in their studies.

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