Curriculum Intent

Welcome to PE

Welcome to Physical Education at Newark Academy, we aim to develop competence and confidence in our students to participate in a wide range of physical activities. The curriculum design allows high quality Physical Education to be delivered across the whole department, allowing each and every one of our students the opening for engagement and thrive in whichever sporting activity they desire. All students have access to 3 lessons a week in year 7 and 8, 2 in year 9 and 1 in year 10 and 11, whilst offering a wide and varied extracurricular programme to extend their opportunities. We also deliver Sports Leadership, through the Sports Leader UK courses, this also enhance the students’ opportunity within the school.

Key Stage 3

Each student will embark upon a wide variety of Sports throughout Key Stage 3. They will become more expert in skills and techniques throughout the key stage working towards the OCR Nationals Sport Studies criteria. Students are encouraged to become involved in exercise and sporting activities outside the curriculum including our own extra-curricular programme as well as facilitating the school-club links with local amenities. At Newark Academy we give the students the platform to further enhance their sporting prowess as well as making sure they are ready for the next step in school life whether that be vocational PE or in their core PE lessons at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 there is the option to take the subject as a OCR National along with core PE.

Core PE studies a varied range of activities that help develop creativity and decision making skills as well as analytical speech about one’s own and others’ performances.

There are also opportunities to become part of our renowned Sports Leadership Academy and complete Sports Leadership Courses putting skills into practice through a variety of events.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 we currently offer the OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport and Physical Activity Level 3. The units that are being covered, and this is subject to change, are Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Coaching, Nutrition in Sport, Sports Organisation and development, Organising Sports Events and Exercise for specific groups.

Year 2 of the course will be tailored to the cohort enhancing their skills and developing areas of interest to them and their next steps.

Extra Curricular

During September 2020 extra curricular will look slightly different due to the 'Bubbles' the students have to keep in whilst at school. Each student will receive a extra curricular programme on their return to the Academy where you can see when each of the clubs are timetabled for. Not all year groups will be able to, to start with, do all the clubs they normally do, this is due to the measures that have been put into place.

Students at Newark Academy have the opportunity to become involved in a wide verity of extra-curricular activities through the Physical Education Department. These are rotated on a seasonal basis and include, Netball, Football, Rugby, Indoor Athletics, Badminton, Indoor Cricket, Basketball, Tennis and Athletics.

We enter a number of leagues, cup, district and county competitions where we have very successful throughout the years. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend the extra-curricular programme.

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