At Newark Academy our ambition is to provide all students with a wide selection of additional opportunities to further both their academic ambitions and own personal development.

The enrichment clubs and societies that we run alongside our curriculum offers each and every student the opportunity to further the learning that they have been doing inside the classroom, and also learning and develop new skills and interests. The enrichment provision is wide and varied, and something we are continuously expanding in order to provide more and more opportunities for our students.

Between our school staff and expert external providers, we are extremely proud of the provision that we offer and the experiences that the students are able to have. The benefits, both socially and academically for our students in beyond measure which is why our goal is to ensure there is something for every student throughout the school to be constantly involved in.

This web page provides details on what clubs and societies we have on offer to students throughout the year as well as providing an overview of what to expect. Throughout the year as our provision naturally changes and expands, this web page will be updated so please ensure you continue to watch out for communication regarding our enrichment opportunities.

Art and Design

GCSE Art Study Time

Support and extension work will be provided for all students studying Art for the exams. Our Art department is a professional studio like environment where students can thrive in their surrounds whilst supported by our staff team.

Community Art Club

Our externally lead Art Club provides students with opportunities outside of their typical classroom lessons to explore new skills and work on community targeted enrichment projects. The club covers different artistic techniques and provides students with new knowledge to bring back inside the classroom, and take beyond it.

Printing Club

This club will be made available to students of all key stages, providing the opportunity take their passion for working with different materials and techniques beyond the classroom environment; extending and building their knowledge. Students will be provided with the opportunity to produce many print pieces throughout the year to ensure a rich and full experience.

Performing Arts

Drama Club

Students in all Key Stages will be given the opportunity to further flourish in performing arts, guided by our outstanding Drama department. We aim to provide all students in attendance the opportunity to get an enriched curriculum experience to aid their development both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will be encouraged to audition for all school led productions, however this is not essential. This club will provide all students with an insight into the in-workings of a performance theatre and offer amazing opportunities for teamwork and talent development.


Individual Tuition

This is a great opportunity for all students who play a musical instrument to access one to one lessons with our team of expert music teachers from INSPIRE on a weekly basis.


A fantastic musical opportunity open to all our instrumentalist. Students will have the opportunity to experience performing alongside their peers in both school and community events. We welcome students from all year groups to come and play, with a special warm welcome to all our transitioning KS2 students.


Students in all year groups are welcomed to come and join in our Newark Academy Choir, where you will have the chance to sing popular songs for the many different genres and meet students sharing the passion for singing from all around the school. Our Choir members will be provided with the opportunity to perform at school and local community events throughout the year.

String Quartet

A musical ensemble experience for senior KS4 GCSE musicians providing an opportunity to study a range of period and popular music. Students will have the opportunity to perform in many school and local community events throughout the year, including the end of year celebration events.



As the primary sport for many students at Newark Academy, our football enrichment programme runs across the Autumn and Spring term, providing students a weekly opportunity to come along to coaching from our PE staff in addition to their timetabled curriculum lessons. Students will have access to football teams throughout the different year groups where they will have the chance to represent Newark Academy in matches and competitions with other schools in the region. Students also have the opportunity to go on bi-yearly tours to Paris; to play in international tournaments.


Coached by our highly enabled PE staff, students will have the chance to enhance the skills they are learning in timetabled PE lessons in this enrichment club and have the chance in all year groups to participate in a competitive fixture programme throughout the Autumn and Spring terms. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to represent their school and continue their development in the sport.


In the Summer term we offer students the chance to improve technique, fitness and represent the school in regional competitions in a wide variety of different athletics disciplines. This is open to students from all year groups.


The primary sport for many female students at Newark Academy, our Netball club provides students with the opportunity to train and be involved in competitive fixtures across the first two terms, complimenting the amazing learning that takes place inside of the normal school curriculum. Students will have access some amazing facilities and opportunities to participate in games alongside their peers. We along run bi-yearly tours to Paris for our netballers, so please keep an eye out for more information about this fantastic opportunity!

Table Tennis

Our externally lead Table Tennis club provides student of all key stages with the opportunity to come and learn more about this amazing, highly skilled game. Our expert coach provided students with opportunities to learning technique and skills in order to further them as players. It is also a great chance to come and along and play with your friends.


Students will be given the opportunity in the Summer term to take their love of rounders beyond the classroom and receive further coaching for our PE staff and given the chance to play competitively against other schools in the local area.

Black Thunder Street Dance

In partnership with County Youth Arts, the Black Thunder Street Dance Group are a passionate group of dancers who welcome newcomers, no matter how limited your experience. Working towards local performances, come along and give it a go.

Wheelchair Basketball

Our externally lead wheelchair basketball club provides students of all abilities with the opportunity to learn and play this amazing game. Students will be provided with all the equipment required to be professionally coached in improving individual technique and playing small sides games against each other.

Clubs and Societies

Astronomy Club

Ever wondered about our position in the Universe? The movement of the planets and stars? The way that we use technology to observe and interact with space? Our young astronomers will be given the opportunity to explore all of these things (and more!) in Astronomy Club. Students will be able to follow stories from some of the world’s most influential scientists from past and present.

Science Homework Club

This is a KS3 club lead by our Science department providing students with the opportunity to get that extra level of support on independent learning tasks each week.


Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club provides our KS3 students with an amazing opportunity to explore a variety of extra-curricular activities; including designing and programming their own robot. This club will certainly ignite and inspire our young people providing exposure to STEM in a less formal setting.

ECO Schools Club

The ECO Schools Award is a year-long project that allows students to all work together on project and hopefully help land the school Eco School Status by the end of the year. The club involves students undertaking fieldwork across the site, working and leading other students across the academy and planning projects that will make our school more environmentally friendly as a result.

Japanese Club

Ever wanted to learn a brand-new language? In Japanese club students throughout all key stages are invited to come and learn the Japanese language and immerse themselves in the Japanese culture through a variety of different methods. The club will help students broaden their horizons and celebrate in the similarities and variances of the Asian culture.

Maths Puzzle Club

Open to our KS3 students periodically throughout the year, our puzzle club allows students to task themselves and others with mathematical problems and brain teasers that challenge even the most confident practitioners. In a fun and engaging way students will be able to explore maths both collaboratively and independently solving challenges big and small. Come and give it a go!

Maths Homework Club

Our Maths department are happy to be able to offer both KS3 and KS4 students the opportunity each week to come along to drop-in homework clubs to find that extra support they may need on independent learning tasks. This is a great opportunity to work with our Maths department to ensure all home learning is done on time and to the best of standards.

Financial Maths Club

This club is offered to our KS4 and KS5 students who wish to come and learn the soft skills required for life after school regarding managing money and to generally get a better understanding of how they can best prepare themselves for life after Newark Academy.

Junior Librarians

Our students will support the efficient and effective operation of the Library throughout the week during unstructured times. Junior Library Assistants would offer an efficient and friendly service which enables all library users to gain maximum benefit from all the resources the library has to offer.

Book Club

Students in book club will be able to develop their love of reading outside of the classroom environment. Students will have the opportunity to read a wide selection of literature from in and around the English curriculum.

NA News Club

Open to all students, our NA News club provides students with the opportunities to immerse themselves in a wide variety of prints, radio and digital journalism. Students will be given the chance to produce stories and podcasts based on school and local community events.

GCSE English Study Club

Our English Study Club is made available each week to Year 11 GCSE student who wish to come along and receive any addition curriculum support, in readiness for their Summer exams. Students will also have the chance to gain experiences beyond the curriculum, fostering their passion for the subject.

Scalextric Club

This club is open to students throughout the school and hosts one of the biggest and most impressive Scalextrics tracks in the Midlands. Along with racing Scalextric cars in this clubs, students will also learn how to building tracks, fix cars and even build their own using our state of the art 3D printers and laser cutters.


Wargames club is a chance for students to practice their strategic skills through tabletop wargames (such as Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and many more!). They will have a chance to build and paint miniatures and ultimately play out epic battles!

Chess Club

Ran by our very own NA6 students,  this lunch time club is open to all students in KS4 and KS5 to come and play against each other  at fascinating game of chess. Regular tournaments and leader boards will be available to help test yourself against other chess players throughout the school. Or, simply come and have a game with a friend and relax.

Wider opportunities

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

As a Directly Licensed Centre, the Newark Academy is pleased to be able to offer all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students will be able to apply for a place on the Bronze Award in Year 9, followed by Silver in Year 10 and finally Gold in Year 12. Students will be required to complete a number of challenges throughout the duration of the Award including; volunteering, physical challenges and expeditions. Students will be required to complete these challenges and more at lunch times, during after school sessions and occasionally at weekends throughout the year.