Welcome to Year 8

Achievement Leader
Mr J Huggard jhuggard@newarkacademy.co.uk

Pastoral Leader
Mrs S Taylor staylor@newarkacademy.co.uk

Mr J Huggard manages a team of eleven Crew Leaders and works closely with the Pastoral Leader for Year 8, Mrs S Taylor, to ensure that the Year 8 students receive outstanding pastoral care, maintaining communication between the student and their parents. The Crew Leaders meet with students each morning to ensure they are ready to learn, enrich students learning through a planned weekly programme of activities and are a first port of call for any questions or concerns students may have.

CREWS and CREW LEADERS 2020/2021

  • 8ADA/HST - Ms A Daw and Mrs H Stringer
  • 8AWI - Mr A Williams
  • 8DLE - Mr D Leivers
  • 8DST - Miss D Stanley
  • 8EMO - Mrs E Mowat
  • 8EMU - Miss E Musson
  • 8GBA - Mrs G Ball
  • 8GRI - Mr G Rice
  • 8JJO - Mr J Johnson
  • 8RBE/DHO - Mrs R Beardsmore and Mr D Hope
  • 8SMC - Mr S McGrath

In Year 8, students:

  • Consolidate and build upon the confidence and skills which they achieved in Year 7.
  • Are encouraged to be more independent
  • Are expected to be good role models for younger students in the school
  • Use our GREAT values in order to achieve great things


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