Head's Message

Welcome to Newark Academy.

We exist to provide our children with an education that ensures both great achievements and a good character. This combination gives our children every chance to flourish when they leave us.

We have both the great privilege and the great responsibility of working with children to help them transform their lives. This academy achieves outstanding academic results, year after year, that place us amongst the highest performing schools in the local area. But we are equally proud of our pastoral care and personal development programme which gives children the chance to become a better version of themselves.

We can achieve nothing without a highly skilled staff. They are instrumental to deliver our wonderful curriculum which offers a rich and varied range of subjects. We place powerful knowledge at the heart of our curriculum as we firmly believe that all children should have access to the best of what has been thought and said. We want students to know more and remember more over time so that they become increasingly confident learners and can take the next step in their education.

Whilst we look to the future, we also uphold important traditions. We expect children to be kind and work hard; every lesson, every day because there are no short-cuts to achievement. We expect children to play by the rules and behave impeccably both inside and outside of the classroom so that we have disruption free classrooms and happy corridors. We have high standards regarding uniform, equipment and punctuality because in the urgent business of learning not a minute can be wasted. We believe in adult authority and our staff challenge children to give their all so that they can have every chance of success.

We want children to develop their character and become good people. We invite children to make their mark through our personal development curriculum which affords them a wide variety of experiences and opportunities through clubs, societies and trips, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, a sport events. During their time with us we help students to develop the academy values of gratitude, responsibility, excellence, aspiration and tenacity. These traits are at the centre of school life and are reflected in everything we do.

We are an inclusive school where we welcome children from a variety of starting points. We believe that children, regardless of their additional needs, should be included in all aspects of the academy’s work. Our dedicated pastoral and SEND teams work closely with students and families to ensure they get the right support to flourish.

It is my privilege to be the Head Teacher at Newark Academy. If you would like to visit the academy, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Inma Pe┼ła
Head Teacher

June 2024


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