Curriculum Intent

“Art is not always about the pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives are affected.”

— Dr Elizabeth Broun

Art and Design at Newark Academy aims to explore and celebrate an ambitious and challenging curriculum, emphasising both the academic and creative nature of the subject.

Art is not simply about the illustrative and decorative representations but extends beyond the visual links, documenting our history, our diverse cultural communities, reacting to social, political and historical events that stimulates meaningful learning and cultivates cultural capital which shapes the lives of our students. Through careful and intelligent planning and sequencing we aim to introduce students not only to the ‘greats’ of Art History such as Picasso and Monet but also exposes students to lesser known artists exploring cultural and social diversity.

The beauty of art is the subjective nature, being able to give and justify opinions with conviction and passion, being able to review and reflect on ideas builds tenacity and an ability to appreciate imperfections and problem solve.

Our curriculum not only introduces students to and develops an understanding of the practical in creative drawing and painting, but allows students opportunity to grow into confident, articulate individuals through the analysis and critique of artwork. The students are taught to be responsive to how artwork can portray a narrative, reflecting society through a vast range of styles and expressions building a curiosity for enquiry, looking beyond the obvious and developing a love of lifelong learning.

This carefully planned balance between practical and theory based lessons with on-going assessment through written work and practical outcomes, allows for continued improvement and development.

Art, is in essence, a re-interpretation of the world we live in.

The Newark Academy Art Curriculum is therefore designed to;

Give exposure to different developments and perspectives through art history, allowing students to explore art from a local, national and international perspective.

Equip students with a deep, meaningful knowledge and understanding of how artists have reacted to, and depicted cultural and social events, placing the creative industries into context.

Build the confidence to discuss and analyse the work of others, deepening their understanding of narrative and the richness and diversity art offers.

Improve knowledge and understanding of the formal elements that allow for developed application of skill to produce experimental and expressive artwork.

Develop a learning journey that allows for exposure to other subjects and understand fully how knowledge can be transferred to embed understanding.

Encourage an appetite and desire to discover Literature and reading and how this can allow students to generate ideas through inference skills and the development of subject specific Language.

Allow students to celebrate their successes and unique qualities through exhibition and the displaying and sharing of artwork.

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