Curriculum Intent

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow.”
– Pablo Picasso

The Art and Design Curriculum at Newark Academy sets out to celebrate and explore the many facets this subject offers.

We believe, through intelligently planned and careful sequencing of lessons, all students have the opportunities to build aspirational knowledge and the application of skills which allows them to become creative and invested individuals both within the classroom and through enrichment opportunities.

The Art curriculum aims to provide a powerful knowledge base around the History of Art, ensuring students develop a passion for and thoughtful understanding of the work of Artists and Designers. This extends beyond the ideas of illustrative representations, addressing the major concepts that reflect different cultures, movements and groups of people, reacting to social, political and historical events that stimulates meaningful learning and cultivates cultural capital which shapes the lives of our students, their communities and wider society, now and in their future pursuits.

As well as the ability to skilfully create Art through practical application, students are purposely encouraged to explore and reflect on the wider aspects that can influence their ideas. Art is, in essence, a re-interpretation of the world in which we live. Coherent planning allows Newark Academy students access to core knowledge that can be retrieved and transferred to other areas of learning in order to promote deeper and broader learning and foster creative thinking to engage and inspire. Home Learning and the use of Knowledge Organisers supports opportunities for the recall and retrieval of deep knowledge increasing long term memory.

We encourage an appetite and desire to discover literature and reading and how this can allow students to generate thoughts through inference skills and visual language while at the same time developing the ability to communicate confidently maximising opportunities for social mobility, choice and discovery.

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