Newark Academy Enrichment

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At Newark Academy our ambition is to provide all students with more than amazing experiences within the classroom; our aim is to give students the opportunity to flourish outside of a normal classroom environment, develop new and exciting skills and provide opportunities to build on those they already love.

The Newark Academy enrichment programme runs alongside our academic curriculum and provides students with opportunities in all areas of the school to build their knowledge and confidence in all areas of the school and beyond. We aim to provide a diverse and rich co-curricular programme where students can participate in everything from elite level sports events to community centred charity activities - our ambition is to provide something for everyone.

Our House System encourages and provides more opportunities for students to participate in events throughout the academic calendar. Students will have department lead activities running periodically throughout the year and ample opportunities to get involved through many different methods from; sporting events, charity work, volunteering in the local community, literacy competitions and many more.

If you would like to learn more about what’s on offer and see a timetable of all events running currently please see the current term's timetable below.:

Summer 2022 - Enrichment Timetable

June 2022


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