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BBC Bitesize - GCSE PE - OCR

GCSE RevisionAn excellent revision tool for all year groups
Paper 1 - Anatomy and PhysiologyMuscular System, Skeletal System, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory System, Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise, Long and Short term effects of exercise, movement analysis
Paper 1 - Physical TrainingHealth, fitness and exercise, Principles of Training, Methods and effects of training, Preventing injury in sport
Paper 1 - Sports PsychologyClassification of Skill, Guidence, Feedback, Mental preparation, Goal Setting
Paper 2 - Social-Cultural InfluencesSocial groupings, Ethical factors, Commercialisation,
Paper 2 - Health, Fitness and well-beingHealth and wellbeing, Sedentary lifestyle, Diet and Nutrition
AEPPerformance Analysis
Exam SkillsExam Skills
Practical PerformanceKey skills for sports performance

BTEC Sport

Unit 1 RevisionLots of revision for your online exam

Sports Leaders

Sports Leaders UKHow to become a Sports Leader

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