Independent Learning

A Knowledge Organiser is a tool which sets out for both teachers and students exactly what knowledge is vital in the curriculum. A KO will be given to students at the beginning of every new topic and will contain everything they need to know about the new unit of work. Students must store their knowledge organisers in their ‘Knowledge Folders’ and all revision work should be completed in their ‘Practice Books’.

Students will be informed by their class teachers which sections of the knowledge organisers they need to be reading and learning each week. Each evening students will be expected to spend the appropriate amount of time studying and completing their study to the highest quality possible.

When completing independent learning tasks students should follow the procedure set out below:

  1. Read through the relevant section of the Knowledge Organiser, as directed by the classroom teacher.
  2. Copy out the information within the relevant section of the Knowledge Organiser. Then copy this information out again for a second time. All work must be done in practice books.
  3. Students then cover up the work/Knowledge Organiser and attempt to copy out the information from memory.
  4. They then now must correct spelling mistakes and anything they have missed when writing by memory by using a different coloured pen.

Expectations of retrieval practice

  • In RE, students will be set recall questions approximately once a fortnight. The questions will focus on the retrieval of knowledge which students have been studying over the course of the term.
  • 60-80% of the questions will be focused on recent knowledge. 20-40% of the questions will require the retrieval of older knowledge
  • Knowledge checks must take place in examination conditions – students will not be allowed to look back at prior work.

August 2022


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