Independent Learning

In Psychology, students are set regular NA6 study challenges. The purpose of these tasks is to provide students with opportunities for wider reading, consolidate and extend learning, enhance exam skills and build skills for post-16 learning. NA6 study challenges enable students to study of a range of psychological perspectives and key psychological research. Furthermore, students will be scaffolded through carefully designed tasks to build their knowledge and supported on their learning journey through towards the application of this knowledge. In NA6, we use flipped learning so students may be asked to prepare and research a topic ahead of studying it in class to enhance their lesson experience. This may use Up Learn online learning.

In class discussion and via teacher questioning, NA6 study challenges will provide opportunities to build oracy and consider different viewpoints. News articles and published research enhance students’ literacy skills and offer opportunities to explore content expected in the post-16 learning environment.

Examination based tasks allow students to apply their knowledge and understanding to an academic framework. Examination style questions will be used throughout but in X13 the focus will be on the recall, retrieval and application of year one content. Students are provided regularly with developmental feedback on these tasks.

Independent learning tasks in psychology are set in line with the whole school policy and uploaded to Satchel One where students can access the resources, read a clear description of all tasks set and check the deadlines given for completion.

May 2024


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