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What is our aim in Performing Arts -DRAMA?

In the Drama department we believe homework is an important part of supporting the curriculum topics studied at KS3/4.   Homework supports the learning at KS3 through the form of visual internet research plus we are currently trialling a project based topic within the KS3 SOL. Homework at KS4 is an intrinsic part of the work we do to support pupils to make outstanding progress in their subject study.  When used effectively homework can aid students’ understanding of the subject knowledge and skills needed to explore certain aspects of the subject in depth.

Students need to record all homework in their planner and pay careful attention to the due date.  Students should also establish a routine for completing their Drama homework.

Here is a guide as to how long students should spend completing English homework:

  • Year 7&8: 20 minutes per week (research topics studied in the lesson to develop knowledge & understanding and depth of study.  Usually this is via access to internet extracts that students can access within school time via the school library and computers at lunch time plus in enrichment activities – see below for further details.)
  • Year 9: 1 hour per week
  • Year 10: 1 - 2hrs per week
  • Year 11: 1 - 2hrs per week

We expect all students to produce quality pieces of homework and follow the school’s PROUD ethos when submitting work.


In KS3 students will undertake an extended home learning project where appropriate.  This may be in the form of a project based task eg; Yr7 Greek Theatre and Yr8 Urban Conflict.  Homework may also involve learning lines and key vocabulary.  Extra- curricular activities including theatre visits and Newark Academy+ Arts based clubs also broaden students understanding of the Performing Arts.  This also includes an annual school production plus smaller showcase performance events throughout the year; eg ‘Spooktacular’, Christmas Concerts, Theatre-in education projects, etc.


At KS4, specific tasks are set to support and extend key skills and concepts in Drama and the Performing Arts.  All students have a GCSE Drama Folder and Working Notebook which houses all the research, practical evaluation and written paper exercises in preparation for the AQA GCSE Drama course.  Students receive homework tasks which also involve learning lines, key vocabulary, rehearsal, self-reflection, extended writing and theory exam questions.  Extra-curricular activities including theatre visits broaden students understanding of the Performing Arts.  Students are also encourage to take part in performance work in the form of TIE projects or assemblies to develop and strengthen their performance skills.  They are also encouraged to take part in the wide range of Newark Academy+ Arts based activities which also includes a large school production.

Parental Support

We desire parental support with homework and students are encouraged to share homework tasks with parents so that parents can feedback to their child and provide meaningful support and guidance.

Independent Preparatory Homework

We actively encourage students to complete some preparatory homework to gain background information so students are better prepared for future lessons. These can be tasks such as:

  • collecting newspaper articles based on current SOL’s and issues surrounding the projects studied.
  • reading background material about a text or an author
  • pre-reading or re-reading texts for class discussion
  • researching information about a current topic.


Texts and films that students are encourage to read and watch to support their learning at KS3/4 are:

  • Yr7 – Pantomimes, Historical extracts on Eyam and the plague, ‘War of the Worlds’, ‘Day of the Triffids’, Greek Theatre myths & Legends (Pandora’s Box, Midas and the Golden Touch, etc), ‘Jason and the Argonauts’, etc
  • Yr8 – ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpugo, ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpugo, ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by William Shakespeare, ‘West Side Story’ musical by Bernstein, etc
  • GCSE Drama  – ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night’ by Mark Haddon, ‘Blood Brothers’ by Willy Russell, ‘Find Me’ by Olwen Wynmark, ‘Ernies Incredible Illucinations’ by Alan Ayckbourn, ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle’ by Bertolt Brecht, ‘Swansong’ and contemporary dance research by Christopher Bruce, ‘Let him have it’ film based on the trial of Derek Bentley, ‘Billy Liar’ by Waterhouse and Hall, etc

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