Independent Learning


In the Drama department we believe that independent learning is an important part of supporting the curriculum topics studied at KS3 and 4. Independent learning supports at KS3 through the form of internet research and a ‘Read, Watch, View’ approach. We signpost our students to several materials of performing arts in which they can freely access. As well as this, we ask them to research certain topics in which they are studying as part of their curriculum, so to broaden their understanding and use factual information within performances they create.

Independent learning at KS4 is an intrinsic part of the work we do to support students to make outstanding progress in their subject study. When used effectively independent learning can aid students’ understanding of the subject knowledge and skills needed to explore certain aspects of the subject in depth.

Setting of Independent Learning:

In addition to the use of ‘Read, Watch, View’ materials, to summarise their learning students are set termly knowledge quizzes that challenge students to recall and consolidate the learning that has taken place. These vary in question type.

KS4 classes are set additional independent learning opportunities and guidance to support the ongoing development of the subject. This might be research to aid their devised performances, or practice style questions to aid their written work for this area of the course. Older students are expected to attend the weekly after-school intervention sessions that support their practical application.

Independent learning tasks in Drama are set inline with the whole school policy and uploaded to Satchel One where students can access the resources, read a clear description of all tasks set and check the deadlines given for completion.

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