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Cambridge Technicals in Sport - Level 3

Cambridge Technicals Level 3 in Sport

This qualification is an excellent route from GCSE PE or any Level 2 vocational Sports course completed in year 11. The qualification is a mixture of internal coursework and external exam. The course is ideally suitable for students who wish to continue their studies or careers in sport ranging from: sports coaching, sports physiotherapy, leisure centre management, or a career in teaching.

Students will be able to study the equivalent of 1 A level in this subject, the extended certificate in sport and physical activity, though there is also an option to complete the Extended diploma - equivalent to 3 A levels.

This is the equivalent to 1 A level and will consist of two examination units and 3 units of coursework.

Year 12

Unit 1: Body Systems and The effects of physical activity

external examination

This is a 90 mark exam that is based around anatomy and Physiology. In depth knowledge of the following areas will be examined in June.

LO1: Understand the Skeletal System in relation to exercise and physical activity

LO2: Understand the Muscular System in relation to exercise and physical activity

LO3: Understand the Cardiovascular system in relation to exercise and physical activity

LO4: Understand the respiratory system in relation to exercise and physical activity

LO5: Understand different Energy Systems in relation to exercise and physical activity

Unit 2: Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership

coursework assessment throughout the year

This unit will use the coaching/leadership skills of the students to complete 4 assessment objectives throughout the unit. The coaching and leadership will primarily be completed at one of our link Primary Schools or in one of our extensive range of extra curricular clubs.

LO1: Know the roles and responsibilities pf sports coaches and activities leaders

LO2: Understand principles which underpin coaching and leading

LO3: Be able to use methods to improve skills, techniques and tactics in sport

LO4: Be able to plan sports and activity sessions

LO5: Be able to prepare sports and activity environments

LO6: Be able to deliver sports and activity sessions

LO7: Be able to review sports and activity sessions

Year 13

Unit 3: Sports Organisation and Development

External Examination

This unit looks at the organisation involved in sport in the UK along with there roles and responsibilities and how they work together. This unit also looks at Sports Development and its initiatives.

LO1: Understand how sport in the UK is organised

LO2: Understand sports Development

LO3: Understand how the impact of sports development can be measured.

LO4: Understand sports development in practice

Unit 8: Organisation of Sports Events

Coursework assessment throughout unit

This unit is designed to develop skills in planning, promoting and delivering a sports event. It will focus on individual roles ans well as working as part of a team and reflecting on both aspects of the event organisation.

LO1: Know different types of sports events and their purpose

LO2: Know the different roles and responsibilities involved in planning and delivery of sports events

LO3: Be able to plan and promote a sports event

LO4: Be able to participate in the delivery of a sports event

LO5: Be able to review the planning and delivery of a sports event

Unit 12: Nutrition For Sport

Coursework assessment throughout unit

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