Key Stage 4

Year 10 and 11 New Specification and Course Content

GCSE Music (New Specification)

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Assessment Objectives Weighting
AO1 Perform with technical control, expression and interpretation. 30%
AO2 Compose and develop musical ideas with technical control and coherence. 30%
AO3 Demonstrate and apply musical knowledge. 20%
AO4 Use appraising skills to make evaluative and critical judgements about music. 20%

Component 1: Understanding Music (40%)

What's assessed

Component 1 focuses on listening and contextual understanding. It has two sections, covering assessment objectives AO3 (knowledge and understanding) and AO4 (evaluative and critical judgements).

How it's assessed

  • Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Exam paper includes listening exercises using excerpts of music
  • Section A – listening (68 marks)
  • Section B – contextual understanding (28 marks)
  • 96 marks in total (40% of GCSE)


  • Two sections
  • Section A – eight compulsory questions
  • Section B – four sets of linked questions, two compulsory (one must be on Western classical tradition)

Component 2: Performing Music (30%)

What's assessed

Musical performance, covering assessment objective AO1.

How it's assessed

  • Two pieces, one solo and one ensemble
  • Performances can be delivered in a number of ways which can include (but are not limited to):
    – Voice
    – Instrumentally (i.e Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Violin, Trombone, Flute Keyboard or Drum Kit)
    – Music Technology
    – DJ performance
  • Total performance duration must be a minimum of four minutes and a maximum of seven minutes, and the ensemble performance must be one minute minimum
  • Candidates must provide recordings of their performances, including accompanying evidence (a lead sheet, score, annotation, or guide to the recording)
  • 72% marks in total (30% of GCSE)

Component 3: Composing Music (30%)

What's assessed

Composition, covering assessment objective AO2.

How it's assessed

  • Each student must compose two compositions
  • Composition 1: composing to a brief (36 marks)
  • Composition 2: free composition (36 marks)
  • Compositions must have a combined duration of at least three minutes (minimum) and four and a half minutes (maximum)
  • 72 marks in total (30% of GCSE)

GCSE Music Year 10 Course Overview

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GCSE Key Words

Key Words Document

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AoS 4 Classical Music since 1910 (2 of 2)

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