Independent Learning


Deepening students’ musical understanding is actively pursued and extended through our Academy-wide, committed approach to independent learning. A sense of enquiry and enjoyment through music is manifested in our music classroom, where knowledge-rich, powerful conversations underpin and drive a wealth of varied listening opportunities. Students are then encouraged to further explore researched music through our measured programme of independent learning.

Additionally, and through our ‘Read, Watch, View’ approach, we regularly update our vast collection of musical materials. Students who frequently access our knowledge base are then fixed on a journey to better enable themselves to understand core content and skills shared in our learning experiences.

This leads to students developing a wider understanding of how Music has:

  • Enriched peoples’ lives
  • Helped shaped society through the ages
  • Contributed to the evolution of feelings (Age of Enlightenment)

Setting of Independent Learning

In addition to the use of ‘Read, Watch, View’ materials, students access weekly knowledge quizzes that challenge students to recall and consolidate the learning that has taken place. These vary in length and question type.

Examination classes (KS4 & KS5) receive additional independent learning opportunities to help deepen understanding whilst developing resilience in readiness for more formal assessments.

Independent learning tasks in music are set in line with our current Academy policy and uploaded to Satchel One.

In locating Independent Learning, a student can expect to access a rich package containing resources, a task descriptor and a clear explanation outlining deadlines and submission dates.

Examples of KS3 Independent Learning

Examples of KS4 Independent Learning

Examples of KS5 Independent Learning

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