Independent Learning


Hegarty Maths will be used to set homework and aid revision.

It is also a great tool to gain help and support using the tutorial videos and quizzes they provide.

Hegarty Maths is accessed through a website - it is not an app on the iPads. Therefore it can be accessed on any computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or phone that has internet access.

The website is

If students Google hegarty maths it will come up, however they must ensure they are not trying to go through another schools link on their website.

Students will then be asked to enter their school, name, date of birth and their password. This is a password they chose the first time they logged in, if students have forgotten this password they are able to alert a member of staff and this can be reset.

All tasks will be given a week for completion and there are clear guidelines on how they should be completed in the documents below; the link between completing the homework task and notes/working out being made in their knowledge organiser workbook is an important step to success so please take the time to read these documents.

Any questions please speak to your child’s maths teacher who will be happy to help.

May 2022


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