Independent Learning


The independent learning opportunities we set for our students underpin all the language (vocabulary and grammar) learning that is taught in class.

Completing the independent Learning Tasks are crucial as the vocabulary consolidation allows for greater and faster progress; students are able to access tasks in class quicker and therefore enjoy their learning even more.

Setting of Independent Learning:

Students may be asked to complete a variety of tasks:

  • Vocabulary / grammar memorising
  • Research
  • Written Tasks
  • Revision for assessments

Additional support is offered for all students; please ask your languages teacher.

Independent learning tasks in Languages are set in line with the whole school policy and uploaded to Satchel One where students can access the resources, read a clear description of all tasks set and check the deadlines given for completion.

Students are also given a physical sheet for written / learning tasks to aid their independent learning.

May 2024


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