Key Stage 5

Digital Media

The OCR Digital Media Level 3 course offers students an advanced exploration of digital media production, focusing on developing high-level skills and understanding in various aspects of the digital media industry. Here's an overview of what students can expect from the course:

1. **Advanced Concepts:** Building upon the foundation laid in Level 2, students will delve deeper into advanced concepts and techniques in digital media production. This includes advanced graphic design principles, advertising, social media strategy design and more.

2. **Specialized Pathways:** The course may offer specialized modules that allow students to focus on specific areas of interest within the digital media field. These pathways could include areas such as digital graphic design, advertising, journalism and digital marketing.

3. **Industry-relevant Skills:** Students will develop industry-relevant skills using professional-grade software and tools commonly used in the digital media industry. They will have the opportunity to work on complex projects that simulate real-world scenarios, preparing them for further study or employment in the field.

4. **Practical Projects:** Similar to Level 2, the course emphasizes practical, project-based learning. Students will undertake a series of challenging projects that require them to apply their skills and knowledge to create high-quality digital media products.

5. **Assessment:** Assessment in the OCR Digital Media Level 3 course includes a combination of coursework and exams. Students may be required to complete a major project or portfolio that demonstrates their proficiency in digital media production.

Overall, the OCR Digital Media Level 3 course provides students with an advanced understanding of digital media production and equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue further study or careers in the rapidly evolving digital media industry.are in demand in today's digital world.

July 2024


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