Independent Learning

In our Creative iMedia program, we foster independent learning to empower students beyond the classroom. Our focus is on equipping them with specialist knowledge and life skills essential for future opportunities. Using a ‘Read, Watch, View’ method, we urge students to delve into various contexts with real-life examples, tackling key aspects affecting childcare and health/social care settings through problem-solving scenarios. This approach cultivates qualities like aspiration, teamwork, and resilience.

For our Creative iMedia KS4 classes, we provide additional independent learning opportunities and guidance to enhance their exam preparation. This involves using a range of past papers covering various revision topics and conducting independent research to support coursework tasks. Students can access past exam papers on Satchel from home.

Similarly, our KS5 classes are equipped with exam-style questions to reinforce core lesson content. Additionally, they engage in research tasks and readings to solidify prior knowledge. Regular research assignments are also assigned to ensure students stay updated on key changes within the media industry, crucial for independent coursework tasks.

July 2024


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