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A Knowledge Organiser is a tool which sets out for both teachers and students exactly what knowledge is vital in the curriculum. A KO will be given to students at the beginning of every new topic and will contain everything they need to know about the new unit of work. Students must store their knowledge organisers in their ‘Knowledge Folders’ and all revision work should be completed in their ‘Practice Books’.

Students will be informed by their class teachers which sections of the knowledge organisers they need to be reading and learning each week. Copies of the knowledge organisers will also be on the school website on the relevant departmental pages. Each evening students will be expected to spend the appropriate amount of time studying and completing their study to the highest quality possible.

When completing independent learning tasks students should follow the procedure set out below:

  1. Read through the relevant section of the Knowledge Organiser, as directed by the classroom teacher.
  2. Copy out the key words into the Practise Book to help ensure understanding.
  3. Students then complete the quiz questions into their Practise Book.
  4. Then from memory, students complete the quiz questions onto their Practise Sheets. Any questions incomplete or missing information should be added.
  5. Attempt the questions for a second time on a separate Practise Sheet to help retrieve the key information.

Students will then complete the ‘Knowledge Retrieval Quiz’ as a ‘Do Now’ activity in their lesson the following week that the independent learning has been set. If students underperform in these quizzes, then intervention will be set up to assist the student in their understanding – either at a lunchtime for KS3 or afterschool for KS4 students.


  • Ensure you use your planners effectively to record the correct topic being covered in the Knowledge Organiser
  • If you are unsure as to what is expected of you, then please see your teacher for further guidance. It is your responsibility to seek out the teacher and ask for help!
  • Develop a routine for completing your independent learning – choose a day to complete your work and stick to it.
  • Use your parents to help test you in preparation for the Knowledge Retrieval Quiz!

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