Independent Learning

The setting of Independent Learning at KS3 involves supporting students through their History curriculum to engage in the different enquiries that are studied. This can take the form of comprehensive reading with questions, note taking, research etc. Students will then discuss their findings and are expected to self-assess to support their progress through the learning journey they are undertaking.

The use of knowledge organisers are also utilised to support student recall of knowledge learnt in preparation for knowledge assessments at the end of each enquiry but also for high stakes assessment.

Additionally, through our ‘Read, Watch and View’ strategy, students are encouraged to engage in a range of historical resources to support and deepen their learning of enquiries.

Through engaging in the above independent learning techniques, students develop a wider understanding of how History has impacted the modern world and start shaping their own identities. Independent learning is set twice per half term at KS3.

At KS4 and KS5, independent learning is set weekly. Independent learning will be set through Satchel One so parents and students can see the expectations of the work provided and be able to support the students in the completion of this, outside of the classroom.

June 2024


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