Independent Learning

KS3 and KS4 Homework Expectations 2020 -2021

  1. Record all homework in your planner and pay careful attention to the due date.
  2. If you do not understand or struggle to complete your homework, it is your responsibility to see your teacher before the hand in date. We do not accept excuses on hand-in day! If you are absent, it is also your responsibility to speak to your teacher and find out what homework has been set.
  3. Establish a routine for completing your English homework. Which day and at what time will you complete it? Have you established a homework timetable to manage your time?
  4. Here is a guide as to how long you should spend completing your English homework:
    • Year 7: 45 minutes per week
    • Year 8: 50 minutes per week
    • Year 9: 1 hour per week
    • Year 10: 1 ½ - 2hrs per week
    • Year 11: 1 ½ - 2hrs per week
  5. We expect you to produce a quality piece of homework. The focus is not on quantity! Be PROUD of your work!
  6. In addition to your homework it is expected that you will read independently for 20 minutes per day and learn key spellings for the unit you are studying or spellings that have been identified as an area of weakness for you during the DIRT process.

Parental Support

Show your homework to your parents and encourage them to give you one positive and one piece of advice for improvement.

Independent Preparatory Homework

We actively encourage you to complete some preparatory homework to gain background information so you are better prepared for future lessons. These can be tasks such as:

  • collecting newspaper articles
  • researching topics for class work
  • reading background material about a text or an author
  • reading English texts for class discussion
  • revising information about a current topic.

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