Independent Learning


The independent learning opportunities we set support our students on their journey of learning and recalling powerful knowledge explored through Schemes of Learning and the application of reading and writing skills.

Through a ‘Read, Watch, View’ approach encourage a love of reading through an exciting choice of fiction and non-fiction texts which link with the themes in our schemes of learning. We also signpost our students to a collection of film, audio books and talks to consolidate writing and critical thinking skills. At KS4 we specifically provide links to set Literature texts which will develop students’ critical thinking and consolidate subject knowledge. KS4 students are also directed to the consistent use of Tassomai.

Setting of Independent Learning:

KS3: In addition to the use of ‘Read, Watch, View’ materials, English teachers also set weekly powerful knowledge quizzes that challenge students to recall and consolidate the learning that has taken place. These vary in question type.

KS3 students are expected to spend 15mins revising powerful knowledge, 10 mins completing the quiz and 10 mins relearning powerful knowledge that was not recalled.

KS4 Examination classes are set varied independent learning opportunities and guidance to support the ongoing development of the retrieval of powerful knowledge and development of reading and writing skills. Examples of tasks could be quizzes, essays, note taking, research and revision tasks. These aid the development of skills established and consolidated in lessons and are crucial for students in empowering them to write purposefully and effectively in examination conditions. Year 11 students are expected to attend the weekly after-school intervention sessions if appropriate.

KS4 students are expected to spend 45 – 60 mins on a task.

Independent learning tasks in English are set in line with the whole school policy and uploaded to Satchel One where students can access to the resources, read a clear description of all tasks set and check the deadlines given for completion.

The link below, takes you to the ‘Read, Watch, View’ session of our website.

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