Independent Learning

Art, Design and Technology Homework Policy

What is our aim in the Department?

In Art, Design and Technology we believe that Homework should allow students to extend on the learning in the classroom as well as giving the chance to embed skills and explore ideas and techniques. The students have the opportunities to reinforce the key areas of the subject such as Research skills, designing, exploring ideas and evaluating their work.

We is an essential part of enabling students to make outstanding progress within our subjects.

Students should record their homework in their planners. They should be aware of the schools ‘proud’ ethos when completing homework and produce homework that is completed to their best ability.

A guide to Homework at KS3

In year 7 and 8 students are asked to develop their independent learning skills. The students are given the opportunity to advance their practical and research skills by completing a series of tasks from their ‘take away’ homework guides.

Each homework sheet is allocated a number of points, allowing students to take control of their learning and select the tasks that they think will best support their progress within the subject Within Art, design and Technology we feel praise and reward reinforces a positive learning environment and all students in KS3 are given the opportunity to work towards their Art, Design and Technology young Designers Award by achieving 8 or more points across each Homework sheet. The points awarded are graded against the challenge involved in each task.

  • Year 7: 20 mins per week
  • Year 8: 20 mins per week

A guide to Homework at KS4

At KS4 and KS5 within Art, Design and Technology, homework is set once a week by the classroom teacher. At the higher end of the school, the department sets exam style questions and additional research work to support the students controlled assessment; for example primary research into a target market or Art Movement. Exam practice questions are usually set on the last lesson of the academic week, allowing students 7 days in order to complete. However controlled assessment support tasks can differ is length and turnaround time. In GCSE Art students must complete any practical work under a controlled environment however students are encouraged to use homework time to research information relating to their chosen area of study.

Students are given time in the lessons to reflect on their homework tasks therefore giving opportunity to assess their own progress and reflect on areas of development.

  • Year 9: 30 mins per week
  • Year 10: 1 hour per week
  • Year 11: 1 hour per week
  • Year 12/13: 2 hours per week

Times and lengths within the homework set can vary. Some homework’s are set as a ‘Project’ and can run over a period of time with a deadline attached. This gives the students a sustained period of times to explore and present a piece series of pieces that have a direct impact on their learning.

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