Key Stage 4

Computers are everywhere and it is extremely valuable to have a deep understanding of how computers work and, more specifically, how to code. Throughout Computer Science at Key Stage 4 you will cover the following topics:

Computer systems

Systems architecture

Memory and storage

Computer networks, connections and protocols

Network security

System software

Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental impacts of digital technology

Computational thinking, algorithms and programming


Programming fundamentals

Producing robust programs

Boolean logic

Programming languages and Integrated Development Environments

The government are now regularly calling for more and more people to study Computer Science as there is a shortage of people entering the profession. By studying Computer Science you will most likely have a high interest and ability in Maths in addition to a strong interest in computers outside of school.

A GCSE in Computer Science can lead to careers in computer and electronics design, many varieties of programming as well as computer games development.

April 2024


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