Independent Learning

The independent learning opportunities that we set within the Computer Science curriculum is to support our students further to develop specialist knowledge that will equip them to enhance their practical and theoretical understanding of computer science.

Firstly, we encourage our students to work independently to practice their programming skills. The best programmers are those that take the time to trial the creation of programs, spot errors and learn from these to develop programs that will ultimately provide solutions to real-world problems. Students should use their learning of Python and other associated programming languages to develop bespoke programs that extends their learning.

To continually cement their understanding of the theoretical side of Computer Science, students will often use ‘Smart Revise’, an online platform that students have access to. This is designed to promote recall of previously taught knowledge along with initial exposure to new knowledge that students will ultimately go on to learn in school. This platform will ultimately support students ahead of their final examinations in Computer Science.

Students can access Satchel one for more guidance on independent learning in their Computer Science course.

May 2024


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