Independent Learning

Independent Learning

A Knowledge Organiser is a tool which sets out for both teachers and students exactly what knowledge is vital in the curriculum. A knowledge organiser will be given to students at the beginning of each component of study and will contain a breakdown of what each student needs to know about the new unit of work. A copy of each knowledge organiser should be stored in the students exercise book which is to be used for class work and also in their knowledge folder which contains completed assessments and revision aids. Students will be informed by their class teacher which sections of the knowledge organisers they will focus on each week.

Students will be set independent study opportunities on a weekly basis. These could encompass retrieval practice such as exam questions, application activities such as responding to case studies or watching a documentary and answering questions, or knowledge based tasks where independent research may need to be carried out.

Key points regarding independent learning are as follows:

  1. Record all homework in your planner and pay careful attention to the due date.
  2. If you do not understand or struggle to complete your homework, it is your responsibility to see your teacher before the hand in date. If you are absent, it is also your responsibility to speak to your teacher and find out what homework has been set.
  3. Produce quality work. Be PROUD of your work. Aim to spend appropriately 1 hour a week in year 9 and 2 hours per week in years 10 and 11 on independent study.

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