Independent Learning


The independent learning opportunities we set support our students on their journey of discovery, curiosity and understanding of Art and Design.

Through a ‘Read, Watch, View’ approach we signpost our students to the vast collection of artistic materials that are available for them to freely access. In doing so, we build on the core content and skills taught in lessons, enabling them to make connections within and across the Art curriculum and that of other subjects.

This leads to students developing a wider understanding of how Art and Design:

  • documents our own histories
  • captures the diversity of cultural communities
  • is produced in response to social, political and historical change.

Setting of Independent Learning:

In addition to the use of ‘Read, Watch, View’ materials, art teachers also set termly knowledge quizzes that challenge students to recall and consolidate the learning that has taken place. These vary in question type.

Examination classes are set additional independent learning opportunities and guidance to support the ongoing development of their personal portfolios. These aid the research of their chosen area of critical study and inspirations relating to this. Older students are expected to attend the weekly after-school intervention sessions that support their practical application.

Independent learning tasks in Art are set inline with the whole school policy and uploaded to Satchel One where students can access to the resources, read a clear description of all tasks set and check the deadlines given for completion.

The link below, takes you to the ‘Read, Watch, View’ session of our website.

Examples of Independent Learning

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

April 2024


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