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Exceptional GCSE performance yet again at Newark Academy

For the 3rd successive year, Newark Academy, students are celebrating some exceptional GCSE results. The progress that students have made this year means that the Academy has secured it’s best ever progress score and performance in English and Maths at 5+ and 7+ continues to exceed National Averages. Early indications show that students performance in Maths at both 4+ and 5+ place Newark Academy in the top 20% of similar schools nationally whilst English performance at both 4+, 5+ and 7+ place the Academy in the top 5%

Indications are that over 71% of students achieved a 4+ in Maths whilst 77% achieved a 4+ in English whilst the ‘strong’ GCSE pass rate in both Maths and English continues to remain positive with over 50% of students achieving a 5+ in Maths and 64% achieving a 5+ in English. The pass rate for 7+ in both English and Maths has also improved on the previous years’ performance and places the school firmly in the top 20% of schools nationally; a remarkable achievement.

Headteacher Andy Seymour paid tribute to students, staff and families stating,

“We are witnessing a period of unprecedented turmoil in the examination system which has placed significant demand on students and their teachers which means that these results are even more remarkable. Our students have consistently shown resilience, character and determination to achieve such tremendous success and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them"

“These results are a clear testament to the dedication and commitment of our incredible students who have worked so hard to secure the grades that we’ve seen them collect today. I also want to pay tribute to our skillful and supportive staff and governors who have been equally relentless in supporting our students achieve the grades that their hard work deserved. Parents and carers have also played a huge role in supporting our young people and we are always grateful for their continued support. These results clearly demonstrate that our students have made excellent progress and are equipped with the qualifications and wider attributes they need to move on to the next stage of their education, training or employment"

We are delighted to see so many of our students return to us in September for the next phase of their education and we're excited for the year ahead.

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