Year 5 Transition

Q: Who do I contact if I’ve got any transition/application queries?

A: The Year 7 Team is as follows:

Achievement Leader/Lead Transition Co-ordinator – Mrs Melissa Evans

Pastoral Leader/Transition Co-ordinator/Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mr Harry Johnson email address to be confirmed (new to role)

SENDCO (Special Educational Needs Disability Co-ordinator)/Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Glenis Willis

Q: Will there be an open evening I can attend?

A: The Y5 Open Evening usually takes place in February, but with the current climate we are unable to proceed as usual. Keep an eye on our website under the new Y5 portal for all relevant information you will need.

Q: Will I be able to have a tour of the academy with my child?

A: Under the current circumstances tours will be unable to proceed. As soon as it is safe to start tours of Academy in small numbers, we will let you know. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Y5 portal for a virtual tour which is coming soon.

Q: If my child is offered a place at Newark Academy, they will need to catch a public bus to travel to school, how do we find out details?

A: Follow the link to know which bus company to contact to purchase a bus pass direct with the bus company

Q: What times does school start at Newark Academy?

A: The school day starts at 8.30am (Lesson 1). Students are expected to be in school at least 5 minutes early so they are not late for lesson. The rest of the day for KS3 students is as follows

Q: How does Newark Academy deal with bullying?

A: We have zero tolerance for any form of bullying within our Academy, and can only deal with issues we are informed about. Please see our anti-bullying policy and reassure your child that if they attend our Academy, they are to let a teacher or parent know if they feel they are being bullied, it will then be investigated promptly and discretely.

Q: What is the behaviour policy:

A: Newark Academy has a clear behaviour policy. We aim to ensure that:

Positive behaviour is rewarded

Inappropriate behaviour is dealt with promptly, firmly, fairly and consistently

Parent/carers are kept informed and their co-operation and support sought

For further details including the home/school agreement please follow the link

Q: What after school enrichment activities does Newark Academy offer?

A: We are very proud of our extensive offer of our daily enrichment activities but as you will appreciate these clubs are currently on hold because of the current climate.  You can see an example of what we usually offer on our school website and hopefully these will be up and running again soon.

Q: If my child is accepted at Newark Academy, they will be travelling to school on their bike, where will they leave it and will it be safe?

A: We have a caged bike store and overspill wall bracket storage area. It is advised that children securely lock their bike to avoid theft, or someone taking the wrong bike by accident. The caged bike store is locked at the start of the school day and unlocked at the end of the school day. Newark Academy does not take any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to bikes stored at the school.