Pupil Reports

Pupil Reports

Reports are issued three times a year per pupil. Twice a year these reports will give progress information for every subject. Once a year pupils receive a full report.

All reports can be accessed by parents and carers using the Insight portal.

Attitude and Homework Levels

When we report our pupils’ academic progress to parents and carers, we also award an attitudinal score for each subject. Attitude levels indicate a pupil’s general attitude in lessons and are on a scale from 4, for inadequate,to E for exceptional attitude for students who frequently exceed teachers’ expectations. In addition, homework levels indicate the standard of pupils’ homework on the same scale.

What do a pupils point scores mean?

To allow us to track progress we will be using a new point score which in turn will allow us to convert the points to the new GCSE grades of 1 – 9. Please see the table below to help you convert your child’s points to grades.


May 2022


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