Leadership Academy

At Newark Academy, we believe that all students should be given the opportunity to be actively involved in developing whole school improvement through our Leadership Academy. We believe student voice is crucial in maintaining high expectations and a school environment where everyone can flourish and strive for excellence.

The last academic year saw a huge expansion for Student Leadership at Newark Academy with the addition of Subject Ambassadors.

We are proud to say, we now have approximately 150 students involved in our leadership programme. All dedicated to making a positive contribution to their school community, whilst at the same time optimising their opportunities in school and expanding their skill set. This will support our student leaders in gaining valuable skills that will take them confidently in to their future.

There is an application process for all of these roles, ensuring students are really taking their responsibility seriously and can demonstrate that they deserve a position on the leadership team.

It goes without saying, that we expect all student leaders to be able to demonstrate an excellent attitude to learning and persistently modelling expectations to their peer groups.

Opportunities are provided to all student leaders to work in their wider community also, whether this is charity work or supporting agendas within local primary schools.

Student Leadership roles

  • Head Students
  • Senior Prefects
  • Prefects
  • Peer Mentors
  • Health Mentors
  • Sports Leaders
  • Maths Ambassadors
  • English Ambassadors
  • Science Ambassadors

Expectations are

  • Academic achievement and progress must always be good to outstanding.
  • Behaviour records must be exemplary, including absence or attendance.
  • Display team working skills and be organised and resourceful.
  • Be polite, honest, reliable, punctual and hardworking.

Skills Required

  • Respect the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Be dressed appropriately at all times. Student Leaders shall wear the appropriate badge at all times.
  • Be punctual for duties and attend all prefect meetings where possible.
  • Maintain an excellent academic and behaviour record and lead by example, ensuring the pursuit of academic excellence and orderly behaviour.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic, encouraging and motivating fellow students.
  • Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible.
  • Be respectful toward teachers, your peers and the school environment.
  • Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem solving skills
  • Be willing to take on extra responsibilities.

June 2022


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