Curriculum Intent

Communications aims to develop our students into confident, articulate and self-assured students of Newark Academy. Our students should be able to communicate effectively in a range of situations in order to ensure that they are prepared for wider life, future study and moving into the workplace.

A student's ability to express themselves effectively will be used on a day to day basis in their journey to higher education and working lives, and will be imperative to them in situations such as interviews or presentations. It is essential that they gain confidence in their own articulacy in the construction and delivery of verbal communication.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate fully in pair and group discussions through their verbal communication
  • Present ideas, arguments and discussion in a clear and articulate manner
  • Discuss and evaluate information and ideas
  • Listen for a specific purpose and engage in questioning

Students will develop an understanding of the importance of communicative skills within their experience at Newark Academy and in their later lives. Communications will also endeavour to embed various academic ‘soft-skills’ which will support them as they progress through their journey in education. Students will be taught how to effectively research, evaluate the source of the information they use and avoid plagiarism. They will develop their academic writing, referencing skills and understand what makes an effective academic presentation. This will enable students to enhance their self-regulatory skills such as time management, organisation and critical thinking.

Group work will be integral to the Communications curriculum, and staff will support students in understanding the importance of effective group work. They will develop their confidence in making contributions to their group while enabling others to engage in a productive dialogue. Students will be able to access leadership roles and learn how to delegate in a group, while maintaining group dynamics. They will have the opportunity to present and communicate with various audiences such as peers, parents, school staff and members of the wider community. This will enable students to feel confident engaging in a dialogue in any social circumstances which will be imperative for them in later life.

Through various project based activities, students will develop a greater awareness of how they acquire knowledge and will learn to regulate their own behaviour to enhance their own learning. They will begin to develop effective habits to ensure that their learning is optimised. They will be able to reflect on, monitor and evaluate their learning strategies ensuring that they become self-reliant and flexible in their own learning.

The Communications curriculum will ensure that they have a supportive and holistic approach to developing student’s awareness of their learning processes and ensuring that they become autonomous and confident members of the Newark Academy community.


June 2022


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