Curriculum Intent

‘A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots’ Marcus Garvey

‘Why study History? It happened in the past so what is the relevance of it now?’ Questions that have been heard in many history classrooms throughout the years. At Newark Academy, we want students to appreciate the merits of history and why it shouldn’t be a subject that is ‘left in the past’. We want our students to understand how learning about historical events are relevant to modern society. We want students to appreciate their origins and the changes that have taken place in everyday life such as government, technology, culture, war and religion. Their understanding of the past and present is vital for them to develop their roots and create their identities as human beings.

The importance of History is not just about reeling off facts about events from the past but accessing the ‘human experience’. Whether that be through learning about change and the society that we have come to live in or the development of morality by appreciating adversities faced by everyday individuals. This experience is essential for good citizenship that lays the foundations for developing responsible public behaviour and interactions with different people and societies from around the globe.

To achieve this, we aim to provide an ambitious history curriculum that affords pupils with the opportunity to develop a deep and rich knowledge of our past as well as a clear appreciation of how past events have impacted on how the world is today. We aim to offer our pupils the cultural experiences that develop critical thinking and the skills to be expert learners for life so that they can contribute to the multi-cultural global society they in which they live and make a significant and positive contribution to it.

Our curriculum is both broad and balanced and is grounded in British values and how British history and wider historical concepts, have impacted throughout the ages on the development of the modern world. We aim to develop well rounded individuals, with the character traits and interpersonal skills that complement the development of deep and powerful historical knowledge through inquiry, investigation and imagination.

As an academic subject rich in knowledge, our curriculum provides a coherent knowledge and understanding focusing on the complexities of people’s lives, the process of change throughout time and the diversity of different societies and relationships between different groups. We want pupils to learn about their own identities and challenges facing them both in the present moment and as a result of the decisions they make in the future.

Through a carefully sequenced learning journey, pupils will develop key concepts including using evidence, interpretations, significance, change and continuity and cause and consequence to become masters of the subject and have a range of opportunities so that history influences and informs their development as individuals and scholars. Pupils study a wide range of historical periods ranging from Ancient times to modern day terrorism. This enables pupils to view the past from different standpoints and to make comparisons and connections over time, essential for mastery.

We also provide a range of experiences to aid pupils to nurture a love for history, through visits and exposure to events away from the classroom. We want pupils to grow and develop a wide-ranging understanding of the world around them and grow in their unique character through our own values driven curriculum becoming ‘great’ historians in the process. In doing so, Newark Academy historians know their subject, can apply what they know and make intelligent and positive contributions to the local and global community and go on to lead choice filled lives.

December 2020


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