School is closed for the majority of students and is only open to those who have registered and have been identified as children of Key Workers

Year 11

Students should revise the key terms, concepts and theory contained within the knowledge organiser. They will be tested weekly on their knowledge.

​When completing independent learning tasks students should follow the procedure set out below:

  1. Read through the relevant section of the Knowledge Organiser, as directed by the classroom teacher.
  2. Copy out the information within the relevant section of the Knowledge Organiser. Then copy this information out again for a second time. All work must be done in practice books.
  3. Students then cover up the work/Knowledge Organiser and attempt to copy out the information from memory.
  4. They then now must correct spelling mistakes and anything they have missed when writing by memory by using a different coloured pen.

In addition students will be set examination style questions and research projects to complement their studies.

March 2020


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