Careers NewsletterAutumn Term Careers Update

~ 1st September 2023 ~

Welcome to the Newark Academy Autumn term Careers Newsletter. My name is Miss Pe┼ła and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to write to you as I start my headship at Newark Academy.

I strongly believe that good careers education and guidance can equip students with the knowledge, skills and experience to make ambitious, informed choices at every step on their path to individual greatness. At Newark Academy, our fantastic careers programme skillfully led by Mrs Brown has been recognised by a national award.

Throughout their time at Newark Academy, students will experience a menu of lessons, workshops and career related events, including work experience in year 10. We aim to make careers activities relevant, engaging and inspirational and to ensure that advice is threaded into students’ daily school experience from Year 7 to year 13.

We will send you a careers newsletter at the beginning of each term to provide you with information on things such as:

  • Upcoming careers activities
  • Careers successes
  • Alumni updates
  • An opportunity for parents’ queries/ feedback
  • Information on key careers decision


My name is Mrs Brown and as well as being the Pastoral Leader for our post16 provision, the other part of my role is Level 6 Careers Leader and Careers Advisor. I’m responsible for delivering a programme that ensures that the fantastic young people at Newark Academy have exposure to the very best opportunities, to support their personal development and chosen pathways. However, I don’t do this alone! I work with a number of dedicated and highly knowledgeable key staff in school, who oversee and support this programme.  


It gives me great pleasure to tell you that just prior to breaking up for the summer holidays, we were successful in achieving our first re-accreditation in the Quality in Careers Standard, which is a Nationally recognised award that gives recognition to schools and colleges that are performing well with their CEIAG provision. A number of students were involved in the process of the re-accreditation, being interviewed by the assessor and were exceptional ambassadors for Newark Academy!  

The Government provide a framework for schools and colleges to deliver excellent careers provisions - The Gatsby Benchmarks. Each term, we carry out an assessment against 8 criteria, shown below. In our final assessment at the end of the last academic, Newark Academy met 100% in all areas, apart from one GB7, which was 91%.  The assessment is due to take place again before we break up for Christmas, at which point we hope to move to 100% in all areas.


Qualifications Framework

The qualifications framework is a formal structure that in which learning level descriptors are given for each stage of learning. I thought it would be useful for students, parents / carers to have an oversight of this, as it enables you to see at a glance where there son or daughter is at on their learning journey. In addition, it helps to know what level young people should be aiming for, as their next step in their educational and career pathway.



This term, we have a number of activities starting up for ALL year groups to access, in addition to a number of events and activities that are targeted at particular year cohorts, or smaller groups of students. If you would like to know any further details, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. However, prior to most activities, information will be sent out to relevant parents / carers, provided any information that you need to know.

All year groups will receive the following:

  • Access to careers education through PSHE curriculum.
  • Dedicated WOW weeks (World of Work) through the crew programme.
  • Unifrog access (launch for year 7).
  • Newark Academy’s STEM week (WC 6th November).
  • Careers Fair (Weds 8th November).
  • Career of the week emails (this will also be sent to parents / carers).
  • Careers newsletter each term.
  • Access to virtual careers library on school website all year round Newark Academy Virtual Careers Library.
  • Access to ‘Career Spotlight’ guest speaker – this is a ticketed event.
  • Student Parliament opportunities.
  • WOW Week after October half term.

If you have a son or a daughter in year 10, you will be aware that we launched their work experience week, which takes place WC 18th March. All students have access to the career clinic that runs each Wednesday lunchtime in the dining area, through this they can access support to help explore placements. The database that students can use to search for placements is Safety Measures and the log in details are:

Username: newarkacstudent

Password: Studentnewark99?

Each year we have many students that have huge success on their work experience placements. With young people securing job offers by demonstrating our GREAT values, which in the work place translate into employability skills.

Students can often realise their true passions whilst on placement, but for others, it might be ruling a particular career path out. Either way, everyone will gain something from this fantastic experience, developing their employability skills together with having something valuable to add onto their CVs.

The deadline for placements to be confirmed is Friday 15th December, when we break up for Christmas. For the last 2 years, we have had 100% of students in year 10 out on placements and we expect this same this year, so please so students may need some support from family members.

In addition, year 10 will be taking part in WOW Day, which is a careers focused drop down day involving the following. More details will be coming out in due course, but it’s going to be an amazing day!

  • Enterprise challenge
  • Mock interviews
  • CV workshop

Year 11 students will be attending an external Career Expo event with NSDC, where they will be able to network with local employers, apprenticeship providers and FE Colleges. Parents / carers should have received a letter with a Forms link, asking for your consent. This trip is FREE due to being fully funded by Newark & Sherwood District Council and therefore we are making it compulsory for all students to attend. Students will be able to chat to local employers, apprenticeship and Further Education providers about their offers, to ensure they are able to make informed choices when it comes to post16 pathways.

If you’re unsure of what your son / daughters post16 options are, you will be able to meet and hear from Lincoln College and DWP on apprenticeships, on the year 11 Welcome Evening. However, please also check out this short video Post16 Video Post16 video

I know that many of our students and wider family members, will have their eye on dates for upcoming Open Days at local colleges. Please check out the Newark Academy Careers page for up to date information about this Newark Academy Careers - External Opportunities

Some other activities that year 11 have access to are:

  • Targeted workshop from Lincoln College
  • Workshop with Amazing Apprenticeships
  • Access to the career clinic
  • All students will receive a 1:1 career guidance session with a Level 6 advisor
  • Access to Unifrog
  • Bespoke assemblies from local colleges and training providers

Year 12

In addition to the above package, X12 students will also have access to the following activities.

  • All students will receive a 1:1 career guidance session with a Level 6 advisor.
  • NTU workshop – What can University do for you.
  • Uni of Lincoln – Revision Skills Workshop.
  • Trip to an aspirational university.

Year 13

The bespoke programme for X13 students, in heavily focused on their post18 aspirations and ensuring their successful passage onto their next steps, whatever their chosen pathway may be. They will receive 1:1 support from the NA6 team all the way!

Students at Newark Academy have all been launched on to Unifrog, and you may have heard them talking about it. We use it extensively in 6th form and have started to using it more lower down school, in order to support our students with decisions they might face as part of their career pathway.

Parents and carers can now have full access to Unifrog, which means you can now do your own research around your son or daughters options and pathways.

Please read this letter to find out more about how you can access this platform.

This week has been our first ever WOW week and students have be launched with an assembly delivered by Anthony Adams. Anthony has a background in psychology, which led him to a profession in the world of careers.

Anthony has been talking to our students about the concept of 'healthy mind, healthy career' together with an insight into his own personal journey. Anthony spoke to our students about how important it is to recognise our own values, when considering the type of work we aspire to do and the type of companies we want to work for.

Anthony also talked about how we need to recognise our own strengths and what good character strengths are. 

It was really interesting to hear Anthony talk about his own career choices and his motivations for making the decisons he had made along his journey - I do hope our students found this full crew interesting and motivational.

Also, as part of WOW Week, we have launched are CEIAG programme with students, giving an insight into what is coming up this term, who they can talk to about careers and the importance of careers education.

Students have been reminded about their Unifrog account, as a short video will be sent to them via email, advising them on how to get the best out of this platform!

During WOW Week, students and parents / carers have been sent a 'job of the week' each day, to provide labour market information on various careers. We hope that students will see something that they would like to find out more about and get them started on a pathway to their potential career. 

If you are interested in finding out more about labour market information, please check out the Unifrog parent letter enclosed in this newsletter, as this platform provides a whole range of information that is useful to enabling people to make more informed choices about their futures.


My name is Amelia, and I am a year 12 student in NA6. I am studying Biology, Math's, Chemistry, and Business. At first, these subjects did come as a huge challenge for me as the bridge between GCSE and A-level is massive but now I have settled into my subjects and feel confident in my performance. In the future, I want to study medicine at university, as I have always found an interest in helping people with illnesses, however I am also considering law. You get a lot more freedom In Sixth Form. This is really helping me manage my own time and independent study, which will be useful for university and jobs in the future. I have received a lot of support from teachers and leaders, and I know I have people to ask for help when I am struggling.



Hi! I’m Olivia, and I’m currently a second-year student at Nottingham Trent University studying BA (Hons) Youth Justice! The adjustment was hard, getting used to a new environment, new academic structures: having two-hour lectures rather than fifty-minute lessons! And the biggest thing for me was having to make friends all over again! Just like the first day at school. However as much as I wasn’t looking forward to the new adjustments, I am so glad I took the opportunity to go to university, even being there just over a year has taught me so many new skills such as finance skills (and budgeting), time management but most importantly its given me a lot more independence than I could’ve ever had! Unfortunately, I missed out on a lot of experiences that the typical fresher (first year) would usually have, I made the financial decision to commute into university rather than stay in student accommodation, so nights out and other ‘friendship’ building activities weren’t really an option for me! This put so much worry on me, but when the first day of university came, and I met my course mates, my fear of being alone quickly subsided! Ideally after I graduate, I’d love a job working alongside the youth offending team in neighbouring counties, applying my newly learned skills into a real-life environment! I’m excited to see where my degree can take me later in the future!


Hey! Our names are Faith and Anna, and we are ex NA students who are currently studying A-levels at High Pavement Sixth Form in Nottingham. We have been asked to talk about our experience so far and what we are thinking about the college. I am studying media, psychology and sociology, and Anna is studying biology, art and chemistry – there’s no way you’d get me doing anything science-wise! I’m finding chemistry and biology alright – its very different from GCSE and obviously very tough, but I’m finding it okay. You have a lot more independence in class, revising what you need to and doing the work at your own pace. I’m really enjoying art, it gives a nice break from the sciences, although it is a lot of work, I feel its enjoyable, and again, very independent. Faiths subjects are very different, but still as exciting, they are new and different subjects to what she’s studied before. I’m really enjoying media and sociology – they are so interesting to study and don’t feel like academic topics which I love. They also link so well to psychology. Although psychology is classed a ‘science’, it is a social science, which means it then becomes relevant to real life events.

We decided on Nottingham college because we fancied a change, wanted some more independence and they have a slush puppy machine in the canteen. The only downside is the trek here. If you don’t mind the bus or train, there’s no problem. The college offers help to those who need financial support with travel, so if that’s a concern then the college would be more than happy to help. The campus is around a 20-minute walk from the bus and train station – 10 minutes if you get the tram in between!  It feels different being around different types of people, and adults who have gone back to study courses. But we like how we are treated the same as the adults – being on first name basis with the teachers, dressing how we like and being trusted to leave the campus in a free period.

We aren’t sure on our future aspirations; however, the college has constant careers appointments available to book, and many opportunity ideas posted on campus. We have chosen subjects we enjoy and hope to use them somehow within a future career. We’ve been asked to give some words of aspirations to current students, and ill be honest, you probably shouldn’t listen to us, we aren’t that helpful. But I would say to the year 11s, start revising now, don’t leave it till the last minute. You’ll have a breakdown if you’re anything like us. Also, do what you enjoy, don’t worry about other people’s opinions or successes. If you do something you enjoy, you’ll be happy, and much more likely to succeed.

In keeping with the theme of Halloween, did you know that you can now study for a Masters Degree in Magic & Occult Science!!? This is the first course of this kind in the UK, delivered by the University of Exeter! 

The course includes some unique and interesting modules, such as:

- Magic tradition

- The Western Dragon in Lore, Literature and Art

- The Legend of King Arthur

The gain entry onto this Masters course, you will need to have received a 2:1 honours degree at university in Social Science or Humanities.