Exam Board: Edexcel

Music is a new, vibrant and exciting GCSE affording students the opportunity to gain a deeper practical, intellectual and creative understanding of how this hugely influential art form works. Becoming an accomplished, all-round musician is such a rewarding experience. The course offers the opportunity for students to perform music individually and collaboratively either as an instrumentalist, vocalist or both.  Students will have opportunities to compose music in a wealth of given and free styles, both formally and via leading music software.   Analysis and listening to all genres, from Medieval through to the 20th Century, also occupies a significant part the course.  Our GCSE Music option welcomes both the experienced or developing instrumentalist and vocalist, actively developing and nurturing musicality.  GCSE Music can create career pathways and further opportunities such as:

• Performance

• Composition

• Music Technology

• Teaching

• Publishing/Marketing

• Music Therapy

Everyone, young and old often has opinions about music. It says who we are, represents how we think and expresses our feelings more clearly than words ever could. It is a collaborative experience that unites us. A young life enriched by music in its many forms will be a huge part of defining the adult.


Music and Music Technology continues to AS/A2 level at Newark Academy and could run based on demand. There are vast arrays of courses available at Post 18 level from traditional music degrees to combined subject qualifications.

“GCSE music interests me because I like to sing, but I’m really excited about opportunities to compose and discover more about the history of music.”

Year 8 Student, Newark Academy