Sports Studies

Exam Board: OCR

Our Cambridge Nationals in Sport Studies enables students to develop and apply their  knowledge of sports-related activities and the world of sport. They explore methods of skill improvement and leadership, contemporary issues in sport and the relationship between sport and the media. The units covered are as follows:

R184: Contemporary Issues in Sport

Students explore a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport, relating to; participation levels and barriers, promotion of values and ethical behaviour, the role of high-profile sporting events, the role of national governing bodies and how technology is used within sport. 

R185: Performance and leadership in sports activities 

Students learn how to develop their skills as both a performer (assessed in two different sporting activities) and as a leader. As a leader, students plan, lead and review safe and effective sports activity sessions. Transferable skills such as working independently and as part of a team, communication, decision making and problem solving will be developed through the practical performance, the leadership and the written coursework element of the unit related to performance analysis and creation of training methods to improve ability levels. 

R186: Sport and the media

In this unit, students learn to explore both sides of the media and apply real life examples to demonstrate the nature of the relationship between the media and sport. Students will develop their knowledge of the positive and negative impacts that media can have on the world of sport and develop their evaluating and interpreting skills to understand the different ways that sport is represented by the media. 


40% examination (R184), 60% controlled assessment (R185 & R186)