Sports Studies

Exam Board: OCR

Our Cambridge National in Sport Studies enables students to develop and apply knowledge of sports-related activities, with a particular focus on officiating. They explore contemporary issues in sport, different ways of being involved in the sports industry, and the impact of sport on wider society.

This course is well-designed for learners who have an interest in sport and wish to develop their skills and learn the theory that can prepare them for further study and employment within the the sports industry.  The units covered are as follows:

R051: Contemporary issues in sport

Students explore a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport, such as participation levels and barriers, promoting values and ethical behaviour, and how sport contributes to society as a whole beyond simply providing entertainment.

R052: Developing sports skills

Students try out a range of sports-related skills and techniques, including different practice methods for improving both their own performance and that of others. They develop their knowledge of the use of tactics and strategies in both individual and team sporting activities as well as their understanding of the rules, enabling them to carry out a number of officiating roles within the activities.

R053: Sports leadership

Students learn about some of the knowledge, understanding and practical skills required to be an effective sport leader. They put their knowledge into practice by planning and delivering safe and effective sporting activity sessions. Afterwards they review their performance.

R055: Working in the sports industry

Students explore the wide range of career opportunities related to the sports industry as a whole, including those not directly linked to a sport or physical activity. They look at how to access these careers and the development paths within them, and the wider role of the sports in national life.


25% examination in one unit, 75% controlled assessment from three units.