Performing Arts (Dance)

Exam Board: Edexcel

This course is for learners who wish to acquire technical skills and knowledge through vocational contexts of dance. You will participate in a combination of practical and theory lessons to gain a realistic overview and understanding of the requirements of being a dancer. The course is taught through a range of repertoire and performance styles and you will take part in a variety of practical workshops and technique classes to develop your dance skills in a range of dance styles. You will have the opportunity to observe professional repertoire, learn about the approaches of practitioners, and explore how they create and how performance material is influenced. You will study elements such as roles, responsibilities and the application of relevant skills and techniques from several professional works.

This subject is suitable if you wish to explore a variety of dance styles. It is expected that you attend rehearsals as required during extended study after school.

Throughout the course you are expected to perform independently and as part of group in a performance.  ‚Äč