Religious Studies

Exam Board: AQA

You will study:

Paper 1

Students will study both Sikhism and Christianity in depth, looking at both key beliefs and practices within each religion and how core beliefs influence what and how they practice their religion. Students will compare the different ways in which these religions are practices within and look at how modern society influences their practices.

Paper 2

Students will look at philosophical and ethical issues within contemporary society both from a religious and non-religious perspective. We study:

Unit B - Religion and Life

Key areas covered: How the world was created, environmental issues, animals rights, animals testing, abortion, euthanasia and life after death

Unit C - God and revelation

Key areas covered: Can you experience God, does god exist, why does evil exist and are miracles possible

Unit D - Peace and Conflict

Key areas covered: Is war necessary, what does religion say about war, should we go to war, what are nuclear weapons, who is responsible for victims of war, is peace possible and can you reconcile after war

Unit E - Crime and Punishment

Key areas covered: Why do people commit crimes, how should we punish criminals, should the death penalty be allowed, are all criminals the same and can you forgive criminals


There are two exam papers that students sit at the end of the course,

Each exam is 1 hour and 45 minutes long